The XL Test Plus Scam Supplement! Don’t Waste a Penny on this Trash!

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If you want to make muscles and seen faster results with your current workout, don’t waste your money on the XL Test Plus scam supplement. Many are lured by their aggressive marketing and lies, but the truth is the product simply does not live up to the expectations. There are many products out there that may give results, but this is certainly not one of them.

With false claims, incomplete ingredient list, questionable ingredients, and plenty of complaints, it’s simply not worth the risk. With such a price per bottle, its simply throwing your money to the wind. Still, let’s look at it and see exactly what makes it such a bad choice.

What is the XL Test Plus Scam Supplement?

This is a supplement that is claimed to give you a boost in testosterone in order to improve endurance, the results from your workouts, and even your performance under the covers. Though it really is true that once you pass 30 things start going downhill. Your metabolism slows down, you have less energy, and performance in the gym and under the covers suffer. Not to mention once you pass 50. A boost in testosterone would do many men good. Unfortunately, many developers or supplements are riding on this notion and releasing products that they claim boost testosterone, but the low quality and low doses of the ingredients deliver nothing of the sort.

This product is claimed to boost endurance during workouts, increase muscle mass, and boost recover time. All great points, claimed to be achieved by boosting testosterone and nitric oxide levels. When we take a look at the ingredients though, you will see that there is no way that this product will deliver this.

Ingredients of XL Test Plus Scam

The ingredients are by far the most important thing you should be looking at when selecting a supplement. Though they are required to add a supplement facts to each bottle, many promo websites for such products overlook providing such upon sale. You have no idea what you are really purchasing.

Even then, unfortunately, the supplement facts sheet does not provide the required information to help you decide whether this product really would be effective. Many supplements come with the ingredients in the form of a Proprietary Blend which means they do not provide individual ingredient doses. Such is the case here. This is not to protect their blend, but rather so as not to show you the low doses of each ingredient, making it a completely useless supplement.

I was unable to find a Supplement Facts sheet, but did find a list of ingredients in the Proprietary Blend:

Maca Root – they claim this ingredient will boost testosterone levels. Unfortunately, this ingredient has not been proven to be effective in ANYTHING at all considering the minimal scientific research that has been done on it. There are various suggestions for its use, but none have been confirmed 100%, and none are concerning testosterone levels.

Ginseng Blend – this blend is claimed to provide supply of blood and oxygen to tissues including the penile region. It is known for its ability to reduce problems with erectile dysfunction and boost sexual arousal. Perhaps this is the only ingredient that may prove to be possibly effective in some way. On the other hand, this is a potentially dangerous ingredient that should not be taken for longer than 6 months, there are some common side effects, and some less common ones that could be life threatening.

Fenugreek Extract – claimed to boost sex life and improve libido by boosting erection quality. There is not scientific research actually confirming its ability to do any such thing. There may be a chance that it can boost exercise performance but it must be a specific fenugreek and a very specific dose which I am 100% certain is not in this product. Not to mention the numerous side effects it has.

Boron – this ingredient is claimed to increase muscle mass and improve endurance. There is no such thing. It is actually confirmed that it has zero effect on athletic performance. It is considered generally safe with limited side effects, as long as doses as low.

Antioxidants – claimed to defend the body, but in what form no one knows. Would be nice to get a bit more information on this.

All in all the ingredients are rather useless. There is only one confirmed ingredient that may have an effect, but we’ll never know as the doses are not listed. If you want to get affects you need to take supplements in the right doses otherwise its completely useless.

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What Users are Saying

I have found several people that have taken the XL Test Plus supplement scam and discovered that so far no one is genuinely happy with the product. One individual I know personally, hence this review, while the other few I have found in forums. I tried to find someone that is happy with the product somewhere in the forums but no such person exists. Do not believe the numerous positive reviews, as this is a heavily advertised product through affiliate programs and there is no truth to any of the positive reviews you see. The best way to get genuine information is to scan and search the forums in hopes that someone has used it.

All in all, the feedback I found was all negative. People experience negative side effects form headaches to upset stomach and insomnia. Others simply didn’t get any results. They complained about the product itself as well as the customer service and overall price. From the looks of it, there doesn’t seem to be anything good about the XL Test Plus supplement.

Don’t waste your money on products you have not properly researched. Do not believe everything you read in their promo pages or get caught up in the rush and buy blind. Always look around, find real feedback, and review each of the ingredients to make sure you know what you are going to be taking. The XL Test Plus supplement scam is useless and potentially dangerous, avoid it and save your money for something of better quality.

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