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The formulating team of Vigenix manipulates herbs to raise the sexual health. The brand showcases its ingredient profile to build its image.

Concentrate of Yohimbe Bark

Keep aging at arm’s length is the preserve of Yohimbe Bark’s concentrate. Its next forte is ED treatment, followed by likewise spheres, such as, imbalanced hormones, low energy, low libido, etc. Yohimbe may sound Greek to some, but not to West Africans. West Africa is the originally Yohimbe’s home. Yohimbe’s aphrodisiac attributes keep its demand afloat, even there. Pharmacognosy Review’s 2013 report showcases Yohimbe for Physician Desk Reference.

Propping up sexual function is the rationale here. Otherwise, the advantage list is long. Herbal Viagra is used for Yohimbe. Almost three quarters of a century bear witness to Yohimbe alleviating fornicating woes in medicinal trappings. There can be a price. Hallucinogenic is one currency paying the price in. Yohimbe’s even selling influences its name range, such as; Coryinine, Yocon, Johime, Yohimex, andAphrodien. Botanists call Yohimbe Pausinysalia Yohimbe. Yohimbe’s contribution surges when L-Arginine works in tandem.

Alpha-2 Antagonism is one Yohimbe Bark’s prime function, which sways Sympathetic Nervous System for a generous release of Adrenaline by dint of Alpha-2 receptors’ clogging up. Medicinal solutions for Alpha-2 Agonists work similarly by influence central nervous system for release of blood vessel dilating neurotransmitters. One more gain is alertness. Hence, Yohimbe gives similar influence. From a nutritional perspective, Alkaloid Yohimbine advocates justification. Yohimbinehas earned legal status on the US soil since the 1980s. Names vary from Yohimbine, YohimbineHydrochloride, Yocon, to Aphrdyne. Whatever title there may be, Vigenix turns to Yohimbia for its cloud in ED resolving.

Alpha 2-Antagonists appear helpful in depression management in some studies. Hence, Yohimbe in Vigenix appears helping mood stability. Mood stability means alleviating low libido, dizziness and even schizophrenia. Reserpine appears benefiting Alpha 2-Antagonists. Researchers show to Vigenix formulating team Yohimibine influencing Serotonin, Dopamine and Adrenaline. This bit of information allows Vigenix formulating team shining Dopamine’s role in sexual health. The sympathetic nervous system accepts the influence of Dopamine, a neurotransmitter. Sympathetic system, in return, sways aggression, power, libido, pressure of blood and heart rate. Dopamine dipping drags libido count, comprehensive sex drive along with it. Alpha 2-Antagonists in Vigenix adds to Vigenix’s benefits.

With serotonin, a neurotransmitter,appears in resolution. Low serotonin sinks joy and intimacy hankering. Thanks to Yohimbe, another begetter of Alpha 2-Antagonists. Serotonin influences sleep quality, mood swinging, anger and body temperature in addition to sexuality. Metabolite 5-HTP helps Serotonin crossing Blood-Brain Barrier.

ED Support

Whether a woman takes Yohimbe or a woman, sexuality in both benefits. Blood flow rises to both penises and vaginas. Both sex organs shower excitement. This helps a man to maintain an erection. These effects are beneficial for both sexes when it comes to experiencing sexual satisfaction. Next beneficiary is Ganglia, the pelvic nerve followed by boosted adrenaline for nerve endings.


Next pride of Vigenix is GABA. Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid influence orgasm. This influence brings GABA into Vigenix ingredient profile. Excitatory neurotransmitters can be influenced, in either way. As regards inhibition, GABA is Vigenix’s most appropriate choice, supported by several scientists.Over stimulation and anxiety work as anti-dote. GABA rescue exhibits soothing, anxiety resolving, and easing off. When a man consumers GABA, easing off and thwarting fear grows difficult. GABA presence in Vigenix promotes Dopamine too. The foregoing passage shines sexuality link with dopamine. Simply, anxiety stifles sex delight and ability. GABA resists smothering of Dopamine.

Anxiety and sleep management influence the Central Nervous System management in both ways. Low GABA dents sleep quality. Incomplete or disturbed sleep yanks away productivity from brain and body.

Fenugreek Seed Concentrate

Testofen adds a sling to Vigenix’s bow. No other Fenugreek Seed essence matches Testofen bearing 50% Fenuside. The phytochemical element count exceed the 100 mark, such as, FurostanolSaponins,

Steroidal Saponins,SaponinGlycosides, etc. Multiple health benefits in Alphacomprise the reward of Testofen consumption.Power in musculature and ability in penis benefit what Testogen fetches with help of exercising. Tacitly, penis’ prowess hinges on testosterone. Following points shine Testofen lent influences in Vigenix.

  1. Increase in free testosterone.
  2. Sexual Desire Enhancement.
  3. Vitality growth.
  4. Penis readies shortly.
  5. Lean mass adds noticeably.
  6. Elevation in energy levels.
  7. Apparent Andropause signals get dimmed.

Ashwagandha Concentrate

Vigenix brings another power of nature. People populating the sub-continent of India identify it as Ashwagandha. The internet facilitates Ashwagandha helping more men in trouble. Another factor is rising studies about Ashwagandha. Vigenix formulating team finds KSM-66 rather more suitable. Ixoreal Biomed begets KSM 66. The matchless concentration coneys KSM-66 here. It took Biomed several years to fashion KSM-66, 14 years to be exact. Green Chemistry works behind KSM-66. Another first to the credit of Biomed, followed by Vigenix formulating team. American laws nod to KSM-66, some act of 1994. There are many studies to KSM-66’s credit. Finding may catch attention quickly. Some advantages succor sexual health directly, while some do otherwise.

  1. Day-to-stress management in a healthy manner.
  2. Efficient fatigue management.
  3. A healthy response to over-work’s
  4. Vigor level grows high.
  5. Concentration gains the ground.
  6. Alertness level rises.
  7. Physical stamina rises.

Hence, anxiety and fatigue management better sexual abilities. An anxious person cannot harden the rod rather than wring delight through it. Attributes of KSM-66 are:

  1. Making entity shines with ISO 9001:2008
  2. The facility making KSM-66 shines with GMP.
  3. WHO-cGMP adherence is another landmark.
  4. US’s FDA standards are also adhered to.
  5. KSM-66 earns blessings from GRAS.
  6. The KSM-66 composition is vegetarian.
  7. Safety is another feature.

The point is giving Vigenix’s due to it. The inclusion of KSM-66 byVigenix formulating team in Vigenix rubs off on similar attributes. The sexual health care spares health completely.

Having presented some Vigenix ingredient information, Vigenix stakeholders fancy attention. Hence, following advantages turn to an Vigenix user.

  1. Greater Testosterone
  2. More Libido
  3. Greater Sex Desire
  4. Greater Erections
  5. Greater Ejaculation
  6. Frequent Erections
  7. Short Term Recovery

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