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The specialty of Ultra Muscle Testo, a manufacturer of food supplements, is that it covers all parts of the health of a person. This brief passage cannot justify the effort being put into the said product range, yet brief information has been provided. The reader can find a product relevant to the need. The website provides detailed individual information for all growth products. In the following those food supplement categories have been chosen that help muscle growth and bodybuilding.

  1. Protein Powder

The first rung of the ladder of muscle building is protein. Protein is relevant in muscle repair and recovery, and shedding weight. Level-1 serves as a meal-replacement. Phromula-1 is dedicated to post-workout benefits. Low-temperature processing is the second crest here, which surges the bio-availability and saves the user stomach from landing into gassy, bloated and upset situations. Taste is superb, and so are its mixing and quality. 1stPhorm presents three products here.

  1. Phormula-1 costs 54.99 USD, which is marked by Rapid Assimilation Whey Protein Isolate.
  2. Level-1 costs $99, which is marked by Sustained Assimilation Whey Protein.
  3. Phormula-1 Natural costs $54.99, Rapid Assimilation Natural Why Protein Isolate is its hallmark.
  4. PreorIntra Workout

Pre-workout supplements are in high demand supplements. Ideally, their role should be beyond an energy boost. There are three choices.

  1. MegaWatt V2 formula is marked stimulated attributes, which enables this Ultra Muscle Testo product to give the user considerable amount of energy and focus. Its price is $39.99.
  2. AlphaCreHD too is a pre-workout food supplement but devoid of stimulant characteristics. Pumping capacity and endurance are its chief attributes. Its price is $39.99.
  3. AlphaSurge DRV too is a pre-workout but it does not involve stimulation as it vasodilation is its preserve. In this capacity, every intake unleashes torrents of blood to muscles in the body. Its price is 44.99 USD.
  4. Amino Acids

Amino Acids form third product category here. Amino Acids pay the role of the building block and entail the protein synthesis. One can add to one’s food in any part of the day and keep anabolic activities in the body in a throbbing state. IstPhorm provides there solutions here.

  1. Anabolic Bridge presents essential amino acids for $43.99.
  2. BCAA’s serves Intra-Workout objectives of a person for $42.99.
  3. Body’s Glutamine needs are served for $24.99.
  4. Testosterone Boosters

Testosterone Boosters constitute the fourth category of food supplements here in Ultra Muscle Testo. The production of this key fluid decline with aging. Stocking up testosterone’s polishes results in the gym as well as in the bedroom. Then, good volume of this fluid is a must for soaring levels of energy, strength, and libido. The immune system remains in the overdrive. There are three products and one stack available.

  1. Primal Pack costs $116.99.
  2. Primal-T boosts testosterone production naturally for $59.99.
  3. Conquest HD serves testosterone product naturally for $54.99.
  4. Night-T replenishes testosterone count overnight. Its price is $49.99.
  5. The stack of Primal-T and Night-T costs $89.99 and saves 24 USD.

 Multi Vitamins

It is the fifth food supplement category. Micronutrients assure smooth sailing in every function and process of the body. Despite their need, people are unable to get an adequate amount of both minerals and vitamins and consequently cannot give best results. The multivitamin products by Ultra Muscle Testo help considerably in protein synthesis, hormone working, energy generating and muscle growth.

  1. There are two choices in M-Factor, either for man or woman. Either option costs $24.99.
  2. Prenatal Plus costs $38.99.
  3. Micro Factor offers a complete nutrient range of a day for $59.99.
  4. Daily Stack contains two products and costs $114.98.
  5. Essential Stack has three products for $154.99.
  6. Fat Burners

Fat Burner range of food supplement pride in proven ingredients to serve weight shredding in a best possible way.

  1. Commander Edge serves fat burning for men for $65.99.
  2. Opti-Core keeps a tight lid on Cortisol for $49.99.
  3. T-21 and C-21 cost $89.99 in the stack by Ultra Muscle Testo.
  4. King Royal XXI and C-21 comprise a stack of fat burning or men for $89.99.
  5. Royal 21 King System is a stack for $119.99 for fat burning in men.
  6. Royal 21 Queen System is a stack for $119.99 for fat burning in women.
  7. C-21 reduces Cortisol for $49.99.
  8. T-21 boosts metabolism for $59.99.
  9. Royal King burns fats in men for $69.99.
  10. Royal Queen burns fats in women for $69.99.
  11. GDA (Glucose Disposal Agent) costs $42.99.
  12. Queen 21 and T-21 cost $89.99 together.
  13. Queen 21 and C-21 cost $89.99 together.
  14. Post Workout

Ultra Muscle Testo provides an excellent Post Workout product range.

  1. Phormula-1 repeats
  2. Ignition provides Glycogen for $24.99.
  3. Post Work Stack of Phormula-1 and Ignition brings quick recovery for $74.99.
  4. Glutamine re-appears here.
  5. Phromul-1 Natural reappear here.
  6. Micronized Creatine Monohydrate provides Creatine for $17.99.
  7. Pump Products

Pump Products use vasodilation to increase pumping capacity of the user.

  1. Alphasurge DRV reappears here.
  2. AlphaCre reappears here.
  3. Creatine

This is the last product category here from Ultra Muscle Testo that has been set up to serve creatine or energy needs of a bodybuilder or a person keen on some demanding sports activity.

  1. Micronized Creatine Monohydrate reappears here.
  2. AlphaCre HD reappears here.

Return Policy

The Ultra Muscle Testo Return Policy is a relief for all users. 110% Money Back Guarantee is its hallmark. If any product brings dissatisfaction to a given user, one can return it and become eligible for 110% refund, which means that a full refund will be accompanied by extra 10%. Normally, refund process will consume seven working days from the date of receipt of the product. The bank can take further three to five days to complete the transaction. This 110% Money Back Guarantee is valid for 30 days beginning from the shipment date. However, only those products are going to avail this extraordinary Money Back Guarantee that are bought from the official website of Ultra Muscle Testo. However, purchases made at retailer do not have this cover. The retailer store return policies will override in the afore-said case.

 Usage Instructions

Guidance to make the best use of Ultra Muscle Testo are printed on its all products. The official website, carries detailed product information.

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