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Trembolex Vigor is food supplement developed in London, the UK, to help men to polish their sexual abilities to the maximum extent. This food supplement drives its sex refreshing power from such herbs whose aphrodisiac attributes have been established. In addition, it becomes a fountain spurting energy and unleashing a torrent of strength so that plan or wringing excellent excitement can translate into reality. These can reinvigorate the sexual stamina and arousal abilities on the other hand, while ensuring sustained results.

Price Matters

As regards purchasing Trembolex Vigor, there are three choices. One pack is the first choice here, with the discounted price of £29.95, which saves £20. However, the user has to pay £4.4 for freight charge.

The next choice proffers three packs, with the discounted price of £74.85 and saves£75 of the buyer. There is no shipping charge. The third choice is labelled as the best value where the user saves £174 by buying six packs at £125.70. Shipping is free.

Why This Brand?

On comparison, Trembolex Vigor stands at the far higher place than its peers for its better erectile benefits to the user. In addition to better erections, the man fares well as regards the sex drive. These benefits polish response of a given person. The testosterone boosting campaign here is marked by multiple approaches. Somewhere, testicles are stimulated to do extra work and somewhere estrogen and Sex Hormone Binding Globulin are restricted to keep maximum count of testosterone active or free. The user body gets a rich harvest of nutrient for the diverse ingredient profile.


Epimedium is one constituent of the ingredient profile here. Some people know it Horny Goat Weed as well. Traditional Chinese Medication System treats it as a herb with aphrodisiac attributes after judging its effects on the sexual response of the grazing cattle. In addition, better though processing and working of the heart are attributed to this Chinese herb. The supplement is available in market separately, and in many forms and packing. Icariin in Epimedium makes it so relevant that so many people take a fancy to if for its curing attributes. For instance, nitric oxide grows in quantity, which means lots of blood.


Chinese and Scandinavian mainland is the native home of RhodiolaRosea. It is here in Trembolex Vigor for it stirs up cognitive and physical vitality in the user. Then, it helps the user to cope with tiredness after facing stress for long periods. Neuroprotectiveis its another role that increases longevity as regards preliminary evidence. Its lineage to Rhodiola Genera gives its ability to tackle with tiredness issues. The, it works as an Adaptogen compound. Its effectiveness makes it the second most popular adaptogen.

Panax Ginseng

Panax Ginsengis such variation of ginseng that earns the title of True Ginseng. Stakeholders include it here for it lightens the mood, polishes immunity, betters cognition, fosters erecting potential of the reproductive system, and raises the exercise stamina. These benefits become available because of several active compounds here. Most effective ingredient here is panaxosides, which is also known ginsenosides.


Chinese people call Herb Cistanche as Rou Cong Rong in their Mandarin language. This herb has been the most trusted solution in the Chinese Medication system for its benefits to the kidney, blood supply, putting Yang in better tune. Its significance can be estimated from a historical fact that this herb was included in the imposed tribute by Chinese monarchs. Its healing abilities do not differ very much from ginseng. Stirring up libidos in both genders is its hallmark. Acteoside, salidroside and likewise ingredients aphrodisiac trappings. Besides, central system, hormone secretion, neurotransmitter release functions get better and contribute to libido numerical growth.

Cortex Cinnamon 

The bark of Cinnamon tree has medicinal attributes and bring Cortex Cinnamon here in Trembolex Vigor. Those attributes help gastrointestinal, diarrhea, and gas issues. Appetite gets better, issues stirred up by parasite and bacteria, flu, common cold and likewise issues are dealt owing to Cinnamon attributes. Blood flow and erectile dysfunction get better.


The other name of Polygonatum is RhizomaPolygonati and Huang Jing in Mandrin. Chinese medication system invokes magical attributes to this herb because it is able to prolong life. In addition to adding strength to the musculature, dry cough, appetite loss, dryness in the mouth, weakened loin, the high glucose level in the blood, poor excretory working, and likewise issues are resolved when RhizomaPolygonati reaches the body.

Money Back Guarantee

The product, Trembolex Vigor, is so good that stakeholder cannot help themselves but giving a satisfaction guarantee. This UK product comes with a 30-day refund guarantee and promises a full refund in case the said UK brand does not come up to the mark. The unsatisfied user will have to contact the support by electronic means to start the refund processing, which takes 24 working hours to complete. This assurance is itself proof that quality is the lodestar with the said British manufacturing entity. It also indicated that nutrients are marked by superb quality standards, and edgy research to fashion a marvelous food supplement so that sexual weakness of the user can leave for bag and baggage.

Usage Instructions

  • Trembolex Vigor crafts usage instructions so that this UK brand can give maximum benefits. Besides, following these instructions is one requirement to reap all benefits here.
  • The user is to take one or two pills in a day, with at least one standard glass of water. The user has to swallow pill(s) with warm water and should take the meal after it.
  •  In case of an eminent sexual intercourse, the user should swallow the pill on an empty stomach one hour to one and half an hour before starting a given sexual activity.
  • Taking more than two pills in 24 hours qualify to be an overdose, which is forbidden by this British food supplement manufacturer.

Side Effects?

There are only a few exceptions because of its natural makeup. Those a few exceptions are headaches, and flushes on the face. If even these being occurring, halve the Trembolex Vigor dose. Or, one can choose to take one half of the capsule. If the situation gets worse, see a physician.

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