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Testo Boost XS is the title of a food supplement that shines on the Canadian horizon of health and fitness. Just like its counterparts, its making entity Pharma Freak packs it with enough qualities to that it can benefit people with different health levels, ages and even lifestyle. Amongst several features, PharmFreak chooses to mention three particular qualities of the said product belonging to FreakMode Series.

  • Testosterone Support.
  • The presence of Shilajit by its one particular patented manifestation PRIMAVIE.
  • The ingredient list is marked by three exclusive ingredients.

Shining PRIMAVIE and Its Importance For Testosterone

PharmaFreak provisions Testo Boost XS with latest testosterone support because it employs such ingredients in the formula that have full fledged support from heaps of clinical evidence. PRIMAVIE is a fine example of employing not only proven but also a patented making element. It goes without saying that one reason for seeking medical help from PRIMAVIE is that it is the focus of the most organized trials. To put it simply trials have made it possible to explore so many aspects, results, etc. of Shilajit. Each serving of Testo Boost XS presents 125 mg potency of PRIMAVIE to the user. It will be relaxing for the reader to know that PRIMAVIE is the most purified form of Shilajit as well. What is more, tons of studies are there establishing a link between restoring a healthy level of testosterone and consumption of PRIMAVIE. As Testo Boost XS contains 125 mg of it, so the user is bound to have the said effect on his testosterone count.

Shoring Up Balance In Hormones

Afterwards, there is another effective making element chosen by PharmaFreak to adore the ingredient list and increase its health promoting potential by the name of L-Theanine. This element in Testo Boost XS PharmFreak comes to the fore for its support to anti-catabolic activities. Then, there is another great making element that comes to help, which happens to be Resveratrol. The help from Resveratrol is marked by establishing equilibrium in hormone levels. This helps becomes comprehensive and more effective when four types of vitamins join hands with two aforesaid ingredients to dawn a new morning in the field of health. Vitamins K2, B6, D3, and B12 are comprising members of the said clump.



Testo Boost XS uses PRIMAVIE because it is the pristine form of a Himalayan gift, Shilajit. By turning to a patented making element, PharmaFreak ensures that user will get 60% Fulvic Acid. This Fulvic Acid is such component that puts a premium on Shilajit. Shilajit has the reputation of raising testosterone’s to the healthy mark.


Amino Acids are building block in case of all humans and such intake is bound to facilitate tissue making. Testo Boost XS relies on L-Theanine Amino Acid which is a distinguished component. Its excellent support for anti-catabolic activities catches the attention of PharmaFreak. Various studies inform the reader that when L-Theanineis orally administered, the production of healthy alpha wave becomes greater in mind. This is what that is required to suppress the emergence of catabolic stressing serum.



The presence of Resveratrol in Testo Boost XS of Freak Mode Series is another example of the earnestness of PharmFreak. This element empowers Testo Boost XS to display effective antioxidant qualities for the sake of the good health of the Testo Boost XS user. No wonder, many athletes turn to this particular notion to safeguard their health from marauding free radicals.

Testo Boost XS is Safe

Meeting rules and regulations set by Health Canada are a solid and legal proof that Testo Boost XS is fit-for-purpose. Although this Freak Mode Series health related product is safe for use, yet a person should his doctor first in case he has a medical history. The purpose of this point is to prevent a contingency. In the same, a user has to practice the same precaution in the case of receiving a medical treatment. Otherwise, there can be conflict.

Capsuling Making Material

When it comes to any edible solution, people get conscious about its sources. As regards Testo Boost XS capsules makes it by relying on a bovine source that is linked to cow, not pork. If the user finds uncomfortable with the gelatin used in Testo Boost XS, one can blend the contents in water or some juice to let capsule contents become a part of one’s body.

Stacking Possibilities

Well, there are stacking possibilities available. However all of these are associated with Testo Boost XS sister products only One should better peruse the website.

The Question Of Drug Testing

Mere posing this question is a proof of earnestness of the PharmaFreak. It is because a majority of likewise solutions do not bother to mention this aspect what about providing any information. Here, the approach of PharmaFreak direct and clear. PharmaFreak informs that no ingredient used in Testo Boost XS happens to be present in the list of WADA proscribed making elements. However, one should better seek view from administrators of a given sports event. It will also ensure that guidelines set for an event should be followed.

Longevity of Gains

The main purpose of Testo Boost XS is to increase the capacity of exercise and make results even better. Question rises if gains achieved by using Testo Boost XS will last or not. There is no ambiguity about it. PharmaFreak clearly says certain conditions will assure retention of health related gains.

  • PharmaFreak requires to keep doing the amount of exercise.
  • Keeping consuming the same low-calorie food.
  • Eight-hour sleep is a must.

As long these conditions are being met, the gains are going to stay.

Testo Boost XS Is A Powerful Solution

As far as the power of Testo Boost XS is concerned, Pharma Freak leaves no stone unturned to mark as the strongest food supplements. The formulating is not familiar to resting on laurels. The entity keeps looking for new and better ways to formulate even a better solution. Having crafted a solution, the team keep researching the effects so that lacunae can be covered and effectiveness canbe increased. This is how,Testo Boost XS becomes able to command a respected place amongst its counterparts and users.

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