SLX Male Enhancement Means Live Like A Young Person

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The health care world resonates with demand for men specific testosterone boosting dietary supplements. This echoing is there since it has been proven that without sufficient testosterone no modus operandi for superb health can deliver. SLX Male Enhancement, whose full name adds Afritest as a suffix, is one such food supplement here. This SLX MALE ENHANCEMENT product promises that its regular intake will do the following good things to the Afritest user. Top of the list promise, and undoubtedly favourite of all men, is a surge in testosterone level. In the second place, the user is assured that Afritest strengthens the body. Energy needs of a mature man are served well here. Sexual health gets better to such extent that coupling reappears as a pastime that might have taken the shrouds of fatigue. Paragraphs below constitute a review so that reality can be separated from inaccuracy.

A Small Description Of The Parent Company

Before looking SLX Male Enhancement up and down, it will be suitable to know the parent entity, SLX MALE ENHANCEMENT Sports Nutrition. SLX MALE ENHANCEMENT Sports Nutrition is a US-based entity that runs many brands, that is; first, SLX MALE ENHANCEMENT; second, Redline, and third, Bang.This is the reason that Triple Test Afritest is preceded by SLX MALE ENHANCEMENT. According to its website, it came into being quite a long ago. This American firm is so sure about the performance of Triple Test that is offer 100% Money Back Guarantee. This SLX MALE ENHANCEMENT offer is valid for a period of 30 days. Thus, if a person finds that Afritest has been unable to impress him in a month, one can return and claim arefund of $40.99, the price of this SLX MALE ENHANCEMENT product.

The SLX MALE ENHANCEMENT Ingredient list and How Those serve

The SLX Male Enhancement Afritest comes in a plastic container that can put to repeated use by recycling. Three capsules make a serving and there are 90 Afritest capsules making 30 servings, equating a month’s needs. Each serving adds 9 calories and one gramme fat to a consumer’s body. Turning to the ingredient list here, Afritest bears several ingredients. To begin with, the label on SLX MALE ENHANCEMENT container displays the name of Peadderia Foetida (in the form of the extract). After this, the Afritest label reveals the name of Tongkat Ali. Its root extract adds one more ability to it. Eurycoma Longifolia is its other name. Then, there is mention of Velvet Bean on the label, which has been standardised to 50%. Next, it is the turn of Massularia on the label of Triple Test with the biological name of Massularia Acuminate. This ingredient is followed by Sodium Tetraborate purveying Boron to the body and the extract of Burdock.

Then, Lecithin, Titanium Dioxide, Safflower Oil, Hypromellose, Glyceryl Monostearate, Polyglycerol Oleate, and purified water populate the other ingredients section of Afritest label.

Paederia Foetida

This compound, i.e., Paederia Foetida, sharpens the edge of SLX Male Enhancement in the extract form. This herb catches the Chief Scientific Officer at SLX MALE ENHANCEMENT because of its antioxidant as well as anti-inflammatory characteristics. Top of the list, Paederia Foetida, buff the sex drive. The first feature stalls the advancement of ageing while the second keeps the body free of the issue of inflammation. As a result, body movement, during sex especially, takes place in a smooth manner. An active sex drive is one reason in the eyes of men to live.

Tongkat Ali 

SLX MALE ENHANCEMENT uses the extracted format of Tongkat Ali in the Triple Test for its increase the testosterone number.

Mucuna Pruriens 

The more popular name of Mucuna Pruriens is Velvet Beans. This extract free testosterone’s in Afrtiest user body by blunting oestrogen and prolactin. The production of Human Growth Hormones increases too.


The Chief Scientific Officer at SLX MALE ENHANCEMENT uses the root extract of Massularia Acuminate to better the urge of a man to have sex. Massularia stands by Tongkat Ali in raising figure of testosterone’s.


The root extract of Burdock adds one more sling to SLX Male Enhancement. Arctium Lappa in Afritest better prostate health, fosters the immune system and keeps testes healthy.

Instructions To Get The Maximum Out Of Afritest

As obvious from above lines, each SLX MALE ENHANCEMENT Tripple Test packing comes with 90 capsules that suffice 30 days’ needs of the male body at the cost of $40.99. Each day, the user should consume three pills. To wring maximum advantage out of SLX MALE ENHANCEMENT pills, one should swallow these pills after a meal. A user can use Afritest without any pause. This feature too puts Afritest on ahigh pedestal. Because, the consistent use means there will be no pause in the testosterone production in the body.

Words of Caution

When SLX MALE ENHANCEMENT Tripple Test roles out of the SLX MALE ENHANCEMENT manufacturing facility, it contains nothing injurious to the health of the men who use it. However, a bit carelessness is bound to invite trouble of some sort. Afritest enlists some precautions and hope for a smooth sailing as a result of bearing those in one’s mind.

  • Keep it out of reach of children
  • Afritest has not been tested for adolescent use. Therefore, being on the safe side, Afritest is proscribed for adolescents.
  • See a doctor before using Afritest.
  • Wait for recovery to start using this SLX MALE ENHANCEMENT product if its going-to-be user is in a medical condition.
  • If the user finds any symptoms of a medical condition, the user should see a doctor along with packing or container of Afritest.
  • There can be traces of soy lecithin, nuts, and milk in Afritest. So people who are allergic to these, and have lactose intolerance, can avoid it.
  • An overdose of this powerful Afritest food supplement is not a good idea. Rather, the user can get into some trouble as a result of taking more number of pills than prescribed.
  • In order to stay certain of stability of this SLX MALE ENHANCEMENT product, store Afritest in a cool and dry place.

From Where to Purchase?

SLX Male Enhancement can be bought from the SLX MALE ENHANCEMENT website. The said website proffers Afritest at the price of $40.99. The website is protected by SSL security. The SLX MALE ENHANCEMENT website accepts card issued by MasterCard, Discover, Visa, American Express, PayPal, and Discover. SLX MALE ENHANCEMENT is present in social media as well.

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