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Old skin fancies nobody. Everybody amongst us wishes to have a radiant, tight, and firm skin so that one looks good. It becomes important in the case of women. This is a reason women fear ageing. Ageing with its accomplices, such as, sunlight, pollution, sedentary lifestyle, etc., can give quite a horrible look to the skin. Skin develop different types of lines and even wrinkles that do not look good at all. This is where people need a solution, a solution that can shield the skin from ageing so that the impact cannot go that worse. Therefore, Sea Star Cream appears as such a solution that can take care of all such issues. Its ingredients give it the power of filler that seems filling in lines and wrinkles. As a result, the youthful look of skin gets restored. As far as the result of its application on the skin is concerned, it shows quite soon. What is enticing that the changes that appear soon after the use, stays there for a long time.

Salient Features

Sea Star Cream is popular because it resists all the elements that cause ageing and even worsen its effect. In addition to this fighting the important signs of aging, its potential removes dark circles. What is more, it hydrates skin around the eyes. This anti-ageing solution is composed of such ingredients that can even remove the redness of the skin. Another important benefit is bettering texture and tone so that the original appeal of the skin can return. The regular application of this cream gives the touch of smoothness to the skin of the user. All these positive development better the condition of the skin and gives it a beautiful appeal. There are more qualities in Sea Star Cream besides what have been stated in the foregoing lines. For instance, there is no trace of parables in it. The absence of prostaglandin is another plus point of the said anti-ageing solution. In the same way, it does not carry an artificial fragrance, least it should react with a particular development on the skin of any user.

Guarantors of Features

Sea Star Cream becomes able to promise so many abilities only on the basis of its ingredients, which are several. This is the reason only the few are going to find their mention here.


Glycerine is one of the making elements here. Hydrogen and oxygen join hands with carbon to produce this viscous, smell-less, transparent, tasting sweet and water soluble ingredient of the said anti-ageing serum. Its being non-toxic means that it is safe for use. It gives several abilities to the said serum. For instance, it cleanses, moisturizes, smoothens, works as sunblock, and tones the skin. It is here because of its anti-bacterial qualities. Its ability to keep the Sea Star Cream user’s skin hydrated means a lot of benefits. Skin does not get dry; it looks young; wrinkles are streamlined; lines get disappeared; and so on.


Polyacrylamide constitutes this serum because it plays cleansing role when it is applied over the skin.


Isoparaffin is used to increase the viscosity of the serum. In this capacity, it helps the user’s skin in staying moisturized.


Hydroxyethylcellulose is a water-soluble ingredient of the under review anti-ageing serum. This ingredient thickens the serum so that it can stay on the skin for a longer time and benefit it for a longer time with its beneficial ingredients.

Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract

This extract is found in the ingredient list because of its many skin benefiting qualities. Top of the list is soothing and anti-inflammatory qualities. Its next attribute is that it heals the skin quickly so it scars or likewise notions cannot snatch the appeal form skin for a long time. This extract in the anti-ageing serum neutralizes the three-fourth impact of ultraviolet rays on the skin. The presence of several vitamins, folic acid, and even choline enables it to do a number of services as regards the skin upkeep. Enzymes here help the serum to rejuvenate the skin to the next level. Its presence in the skin helps fibroblast cells to bring forth a greater volume of collagen. Collagen plays a vital to block the ageing impact on the body. The next gain the user skin gets is moisture. Being humectant, aloe barbadensis leaf extract helps the skin to retain moisture.

Acacia Senegal Gum

Acacia Senegal Gum not only gives the thickening touch to the serum, but also it uses makes the skin smooth. It adds anti-inflammatory qualities to the said anti-ageing serum. In addition, it helps in quick healing of bruises of the skin so that it can regain its appeal. Its this ability is based on flavonoids,alkaloids, and glycosides. For these results, Acacia Senegal Gum becomes an ingredient of Sea Star Cream.


Making the best use of this anti-ageing is a piece of cake. The attempt to take the maximum out of Sea Star Cream begins with one precondition, i.e., cleansing the skin. The user can cleanse her face by washing the face with beauty soap or a facewash. Having done, the user should dry her skin so that it can become ready for the application of the cream. Next step is all about applying the serum gently on the face, especially delicate area under eyes, forehead, cheeks, and neck. This is all to give youthful looks to the ageing skin. The time required to have a radiant and glowing look of the skin varies from person to person. Because we have different types of skins. In addition, it is our DNA that blends variation in response of various skins to a particular solution. Last but not the least, the environmental condition of the user has to be born in mind. This is the reason, the manufacturer does not provide a universal time frame. The said cream has been able to give result in two weeks in the case of some people and even in 8 weeks in certain people. Thus, it can be deduced that this cream shows results from two to 8 weeks.


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