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PTX Male Enhancement is actually a hard-core supplement developed and put on sale by VividHealth Nutrition. VividHealth produces this muscle-growth food supplement in the form of capsules and sells a bottle containing sixty capsules for $21.95. The Scientific method is the basis of the formula here. This formula concentrates two approaches in particular, i.e., fat burning and adding lean muscle to the musculature. The label informs the provision of the free offer of PTX Male Enhancement is available online. For this purpose, people are advised to visit PTX Male Enhancement dot com.


VividHealth Nutrition finds the formula as powerful as the US laws allow. The target of weight reduction is achieved by engaging various processes of the body, such as:

  • Raising the testosterone volume
  • Metabolism intensity raises
  • The rate of nutrient absorption rises.
  • All these happenings in the body contribute to considerable increases in size, strength, density, and recovery of muscles. These tangible blessings become available without any shadow of side effects. These get on well with the kidney as well.
  • The product has been manufactured in the USA. This bit of information serves the satisfaction purpose in particular. This psychological and medicinal effect is important for the mind and body to wring as much good things as possible. Furthermore, these two aspects contribute to the fair value of the money, which is the basic right of customers. These benefits become available as US laws and regulation oversee every product coming up to the mark. Perchance, this is thereason that manufacturer reverts to the US mainland to produce quality products.
  • When it comes to effectiveness and safety, the fact of purity reign supreme.This is the reason the level of PTX Male Enhancement mentions this feature of the ingredient profile on the label in a noticeable manner. Purity assures the admirer of VividHealth that there is no containment. Then, purity suggests that ingredient give instant effect.
  • High Potency is another feature this feat of VividHealth. To put is simply, it means that the formula is very powerful and begins giving gains to the user in a very short time span.

The Formula

The formula here pays attention to six particular and meticulously chosen ingredients. These ingredients were considered important enough after clinical evidence testified their effectiveness. The mention of ingredients and their properties is to lend credence to claims of stakeholders.

Vitamin B12

As regards muscle growth, VividHealth Nutrition finds Vitamin B12 quite important. The secret of relevance lies in the fact that body absorbs ingredient fast when there is B12 in the body. When the body is involved in intense exercise foray, thebody turns to Vitamin B12 to ensure continuity of the energy and adding lean mass to muscles. People, who do not pay attention to this important vitamin, have to compromise on their performance. PTX Male Enhancement does not let such situation take place. This notion carries evidence from clinical findings that growth mechanism becomes efficient when there is adequate Vitamin B12.

Chromium Picolinate

Next thing that VividHealth Nutrition find important is ChromiumPicolinate. This chemical is present in a range of foods. However, Chromium Picolinateis found as atraceelement. This notion contributes to muscle building because the digestive system metabolizes protein in an efficient way. We know protein is thebasis for muscle and efficient protein metabolizing means efficient muscle development.


At number three, TribulusTerrestris catches the attention of VividHealth Nutrition. This herb appears in the ingredient profile of many brands promoting muscle growth. This herb makes better use of testosterone making abilities of a given person. Clinical date seconds the view of the said herb be revealing that regular intake of TribulusTerrestris can stir up growth hormone, i.e., testosterone, up to 17%. Testosterone hormone adds to endurance and recovery potential as well. Then, TribulusTerrestris sounds important for its aphrodisiac attributes. Thus, erectile dysfunction becomes history. In addition to resolving erectile dysfunction, the sexual health gets better.


Boron, a trace mineral, comes to help in many bodily processes. Take the example of cognitive abilities of Boron. It is again Boron that helps the feat of VividHealth Nutrition to add to the bone density, which is critical for throbbing skeletal system. Boron becomes relevant in testosterone production. This is how, the body gets one more harvest of gains owing to testosterone’s.


PTX Male Enhancement uses Shilajit extract for its contribution to foster musculature and testosterone making process. The immune and cognitive system work better.

Fenugreek Seed

The last important making element here in PTX Male Enhancement is Fenugreek. Nature blesses this herb with the power to raise testosterone count and volume of androgenic hormone. Both play a crucial role in muscle and power growth phenomenon. Sex drive and power get positive support considerably. Many studies reveal that it six weeks for a body on Fenugreek to show results in sexual power, muscular endurance and libido count.

Usage Directions

The user is expected to follow VividHealth devises usage directions to the book, least the high potency furled in ingredients harm the body. As stated earlier, there come sixty capsules in each PTX Male Enhancement bottle and VividHealth Nutrition advises a sundry user to keep using these capsules for the minimum duration of sixty days. Two bottles suffice this period.

  • Two capsules are sufficient to put various body systems on the right track.
    However, VividHealth advises that the first PTX Male Enhancement pill should be taken in the morning. Nutrition concern finds the next moment after waking the appropriate time to swallow the first capsule.
  • The second capsule serves its purpose well when swallowed after the lunch.

Words of Caution

As mentioned of the PTX Male Enhancement label, it is purely, GMP, and Made in the USA fact sharpens its edge to the next level. This fact necessitates the use of sheath in the form of words of caution.

  • Keep it out of reach of children.
  • The potency embedded by Vivid Health dictates that no user below 18 should swallow any capsule of this muscle growing food supplement.
  • Overdose may harm the user, so do not take more than two VividHealth capsules in every 24 hours.
  • Women do not comprise the targeted market, VividHealth Nutrition tacitly advises that no pregnant or nursing women should approach the bottle, what to speak of taking advantage of immense muscle growing the power of the VividHealth Nutrition Developed formula.

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