Power Max Xtreme

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Power Max Xtreme supplement readies a person to take gym exercises. Muscularity RX sells the said product at a discounted rate of 32 USD, with the net weight of 645 grams. Each container carries enough Nuts and Bolts supplement to suffice 30 servings, or a month’s need of food supplement intake. Turning to the serving itself, its contents and potency have stated in the following.

Factual Data

To start with, Beta-Alanine’s share in a serving is 4,000 mg. At the second place, it is L-Taurine with 500 mg potency. Then, it is Citrulline Malate adding another string to the bow of Power Max Xtreme that comes with 5000mg power. Next, it is Creatine Monohydrate with 5000 mg. After this, there appears 250 mg powerful L-Theanine. Lastly, it is Caffeine coming with two choices in the field of potency, i.e., 200 mg or 400 mg. To make it a pleasant experience for taste buds, Muscularity RX presents this American Pre-Workout in Blue Raspberry flavor. In order to know more about Muscularity RX shipping and return policy, the website carries an email address to contact and ascertain information.


Actions speak louder than words, work in the case of Power Max Xtreme. Instead of penning loads of paragraphs, Muscularity RX displays what are making elements here and then provide such bits of information that a layman can digest without inviting boredom or a headache. What is more, the internet has almost glut of information. One can easily troll the internet to spread chalk from cheese.


The 4,000 mg powerful Beta-Alanine helps the user for the sake of intensive but short-term exercise needs. The next important contribution to the user is cushioning the tiredness. The user body’s oxygen intake capacity increases without surging acidosis in muscles. Many studies have confirmed that level of acidity in muscles and level of performance in the case of high-intensity exercise are connected to each other in reverse proportion. The said making element in Power Max Xtreme is quite popular with trainers as well. International Society of Sports Nutrition conducted a 12-week long study and found a rise of 20% in the sports output of sampled people. In the presence of Beta-Alanine in Nuts and Bolts, the exercising does not take atoll on muscles at all, rather helps in maintaining results in both size and power of muscles. Thus, the said making element appears inevitable for those who want to leave a mark in bodybuilding. Besides, Creatine gets support to do work.


Muscularity RX chooses 500 mg potency of L-Taurine in Power Max Xtreme to keep its promises. Well, L-Taurine is that benevolent individually. ButL-Taurine gets a say when it comes to managing level when Beta-Alanine becomes a part of the body. It is because competition for hogging receptors takes place in the body between L-Taurine and Beta-Alanine. In case of an imbalance or complete control over receptors is bound to culminate in neuro muscular as well as neurological output fading.

Creatine Monohydrate

The potency of Creatine Monohydrate in Power Max Xtreme is 5000 mg. Creatine catches the attention almost most of researchers working in the field of health, fitness, food supplement and so on. Creatine Monohydrate is the most appropriate form of Creatine. To put it simply, creatine rocks because it manages ATP for the sake of cells in muscles. For this reason, Nuts and Bolts become able to claim an increase in strength and consequent pumping power.

Citrulline Malate

Nuts and Bolts food supplement has Citrulline Malate in it with 8,000 mg potency. This much high potency provides relief from fatigue in the same groove. Then, there are benefits of endurance of better level in the field of aerobic and anaerobic. In addition, there is the benefit of nitric oxide as well that is sought after by all sportsmen. It is Citrulline that takes the form nitric oxide as a result of metabolism in kidneys. The notion of nitric oxide gets help from Arginine as well. These developments help the cardiovascular system to send a greater amount of blood to muscles to that their power, endurance and size can grow. One may think of raising the Arginine share in the intake. But it is not fruitful because Arginine does not become a part of the body that well, it needs help from the worthy form of Citrulline, i.e.,,Citrulline Malate, for metabolism.


Muscularity RX gives the user a choice to choose either 200 mg potency or that of 400 in the case of caffeine, which is a potent stimulating factor in Power Max Xtreme food supplement. The chief benefit here is polishing of focusing ability. Strength and endurance factors too get stronger. What is more, even cells in muscles become able to flex their muscles noticeably.


Muscularity RX finds that 250mg potency of L-Theanine in Power Max Xtreme is good enough to keep promises in the field of health and exercising. L-Theanine in the said potency helps a person to counter jitters that can result as a consequence to reliance on caffeine. Then, L-Theanine is good to water down the stress factor on the one hand and raise the attention paying level on the other hand. Top of the list is that L-Theanine is such a relaxing agent that does not invite the specter of sedation.

 Usage Instructions

A person using Power Max Xtreme for the first time should ascertain the body’s tolerance level by taking half of the scoop. If the body gets on well here, one can ascend to the recommended dose of one serving a day. There are two situations, i.e., gym days and rest days.

  • Gym days; take one scoop and blend it in with 8 to 12 oz water.
  • Rest days; take one serving for non-exercising days.

 Health Considerations

Peruse the information provided by Muscularity RX on the label of Power Max Xtreme. One should proceed only after one has read it thoroughly. Complete information stops the user landing into hot waters

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