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NuVigor Rx is a purpose build food aphrodisiac supplement to resolve sexual weakness issues in the menfolk. This brand can give benefits that are typically associated with pharmaceutical solutions. In other words, Rx formula is powerful enough to make a flaccid sexual organ to a hardened one. Despite its effect range, it remains a normal product because its potency owes to natural ingredients.

 Introduction of the Brand

NuVigor Rx brand is a solid attempt to fix erectile issues of men. The formula takes full advantage of nature’s power in various herbs to provide a relief to men who are living a dog’s life because of sexual weakness in them. As NuVigor is the natural solution, so there is no restriction of prescription. Its focus is many attributes of the sexual health. For example, testosterone count increases in the body. Libido count grows on the one hand and libido health betters on the other hand. Energy becomes abundantly available for a given sexual or physical activity. The growth mechanism picks up speed to contribute positively to the recovery process. Efficient recovery is necessary age each physical or sexual throbbing engagement. There is a long list of advantages that become available to NuVigor user only because of a greater amount of testosterone.When considered all the change in the body causes by NuVigor, the list becomes too long to be penned in the small piece of writing.

Why That Powerful?

As stated earlier, extracts natural herbs makeup the lynchpin of the modus operandi. This is the reason, there is a precise mention of contributing herbs. Second, the mention of the herb is supposed to serve the compatibility purpose in case of a given user. Third, mention of herbs and their brief description satisfies the user. Fourth, a person can delve into deeper details on the World Wide Web. Fifth, one way to sniff out substandard products form the genuine ones is the provision of the ingredient profile.

Berry of Saw Palmetto

Saw Palmetto is a fancy plant that ornate green areas all over the world. Nature enables its berry to do the same with the personal lives of men. To put it simply, Saw Palmetto berry alleviate many male sexual issues and empower its user to lead a sexually excited life despite being in the forties. The berry extract let the user take full advantage of its aphrodisiac potential. This berry becomes that much benevolent owing to the presence of fatty acids and phytosterols in it. These compounds shield the reproductive and urinating system of its user from harmful developments. What is more, its great potency grows into greater potency when Saw Palmetto joins hands with other ingredients here in NuVigor food supplement to enhance male sex capabilities.

Orchic Substance

NuVigor Rx offers a fair for money as Orchic Substance is one of the making element here, which is a rare source of vitamins and other nutrient considered good for testicles’ working. No wonder, regular consumption of Orchic Substance add to testosterone making potential of testicles.

Wild Yam

The root of Wild Yam is considered important from male sexual health point of view. The root is not a new notion in the aphrodisiac world as it has been helping the traditional Chinese medication system to fix gender-related issues of men. These benefits reach a person for various compounds in it and progesterone is one of those. This compound alone contributes to shedding extra fats, stir up energy, consolidate stamina and polish sex drive. This is how, the root extract of Wild Yam help men resuming living a normal sexual life.

Sarsaparilla Root Extract

Sarsaparilla herb is another useful notion employed by NuVigor Rx to fix sexual health issues of menfolk. This evergreen manifestation of nature is native to the Southeast of Asia, continents of Austral is and South America, etc. Better libido health of people living there certainly owes to the root of Sarsaparilla. There are many useful compounds in it and Diosgenin is a fine example here. This steroid helps the male body to work better in secreting testosterone and progesterone.


The Nettle plant hardly echoes some good memory and there is no exception. But it when it comes medicinal benefits, it becomes an apple of the eye of all such men who wish to regain the sexual power of their 20’s. The root of nettle is the most beneficial part of the entire plant and its extract delivers all those gains to NuVigor Rx food supplement. The main contribution of root extract of Nettle plant is present testosterone binding to other notion by binding itself to others and assure as much amount of Free Testosterone as possible. Free testosterone means better libido health and more number.


Boron Amin Acid Chelate is another ace up in the sleeve of NuVigor Rx, which gives two particular contributions. The first one is about the widening of blood vessels, which increases the blood flow. Penial area benefits in particular as hardness here depend on incoming blood. Its second benefit is reining in estrogen and Sex Hormone Binding Globulin. The more restricted and limited these hormones are, the more free or active testosteone’s will be in the body. Then, Boron comes to rescue in inflammation case. After this, it is the turn of blood plasma handling, followed by that of Vitamin D. Fostering cognitive function cannot be totally ignored either.

Epimedium Leaf

The Chinese name of Epimedium is YangHuo. Its leaf is more relevant to erectile issues than the rest of the plant. This makes stakeholder use leaf extract of Epimedium here. Icariin, alternatively known as PDE-5 is the hallmark of the said leaf extract here. PDE-5 is considered more or less the raw form of Viagra for it helps nitric oxide to give its best possible output here. The blood share of the male sex organ in the bloodstream increases and raises the hardness level of the organ and so on.

Usage Instructions

NuVigor Rx formulating team find the best approach to draw gains from it. In addition, it exposes what things should be kept in mind before least something should go wrong.

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