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ZenNutri Calm Prime is a nootropic product launched by Q Sciences. The complete title is EMPowerplus ZENNUTRI (trademark registered). Every ZENNUTRI bottle carries 120 capsules. There two purchasing methods, i.e., Amazon, and Q Sciences’ website. The checking out is a bit lengthy as it asks the country (market first). Then, Q Sciences moves on to its next webpage, providing following information. The page begins with New Enrollment, followed by Welcome to Q Sciences and some words of praise. The buyer finds three Brain Supplement buying courses. Ambassador is the first. Free product possibility, Welcome Kit, 90-day free App, Preferred Membership cost, Preferred Price, etc. Second choice is Preferred Customer marked by Preferred Pricing, free product possibility, etc. The Third ZENNUTRI approach is Retail Customer. Amazon provides a simplified buying approach with a charge of $66.41 for 30 capsules.


Whether bought from Amazon or Q Sciences, necessary and relevant nutritional assistant stays available to the brain. The Central Nervous System of ZENNUTRI user too benefits. Ubiquitous advantages are calmness, coping stamina and clarity.

Key Benefits

  • Propping up mood stability is the first ZENNUTRI benefit.
  • Distinctive and genuine 96-hour process oozing with Nano-Chelation and Micronization are there in the ZenNutri Calm Prime. Nutrient bioavailability and uptake jump for the good of the Brain Supplement’s brain.
  • Scientific studies that back this Q Sciences product completed at established universities.
  • The ingredient profile is rich. The total count is 36. There are purpose-built amino acids, minerals and vitamins. The first category at Q Sciences bears in mind what would galvanize brain and the central nervous system.

The Ingredient Profile

EMPowerplus ZENNUTRI ingredient profile provides information for satisfaction, further investigation and even as a benchmark to evaluate nootropic brands claiming that only they, their prices, or ingredient profiles are fit-for-purpose nootropic brands.

  1. Q Sciences uses 1536IU of Vitamin A, present in Retinyl Palmitate.
  2. Q Sciences employs 160mg Vitamin C, present in Ascorbic Acid.
  3. Q Sciences includes 384IU of Vitamin D, present in Cholecalciferol.
  4. Q Sciences lists Vitamin E 961IU, present in D Alpha Tocopheryl Succinate.
  5. Q Sciences includes 4.8 mg of Thiamin, present in Thiamin Mononitrate.
  6. Q Sciences includes 24 mg of Niacin, present in Niacinamide.
  7. ZenNutri Calm Prime includes 9.6 mg of Vitamin B4, present in Pyridoxine Hydrochloride.
  8. Q Sciences based ZENNUTRI includes 384 mcg of Folic Acid.
  9. Q Sciences includes 240 mcg of Vitamin B12, present in Cyanocobalamin.
  10. Q Sciences includes 288 mcg of Biotin.
  11. Q Sciences includes 5.8 mg of Pantothenic Acid, present in Calcium Pantothenate.
  • Having listed said active ingredients, ZenNutri Calm Prime label turns to NanoProprietary Blend. Only titles are mentioned, there aren’t any dosage of %DV. Here Q Sciences choose Calcium, Phosphorus, Molybdenum, Magnesium, Potassium, Iodine, Iron, Copper, Manganese, Zinc, Chromium, and Selenium.
  • The second Brain Supplement part is about ZENNUTRI optimizing blend. Choline Bitartrate, DL-Phenylalanine, Citrus Bioflavonoids, Inositol, L-Glumatine, L-Methionine, extracts of Grape Seed and Ginkgo Biloba, Germanium Sesqui Oxide, Boron, Vanadium and Nickel.
  • The last port is about inactive Brain Supplement ingredients, such as, Gelatin, Titanium Dioxide, and Mineral wax.

ZENNUTRI Nootropic Is Born

The story begins with Tony Stephan’s ordeal encompassing close family. Stephan went from pillar to post regarding therapists and doctors for a cure, but in vain. This shock led Stephan to micronutrients. Tony Stephan’s burning mid night oil with scientists, a nootropic miracle took place. Even children could use it. Stephen has made ZENNUTRI for his children. Consistency changed everything and peace blessed Stephen’s family. This was a new dawn. Tony joined the market with helping spirit making Empower plus.

The Brain Supplement

Three dozen various nutrients comprise ZenNutri Calm Prime with one purpose of mood optimization. No wonder, the Q Sciences introduces nootropics finds the sale figures exceeding the 5 million mark. The nutritional value here helps both kids and adults bask in stable brain marked by clarity and mood stability. These ZENNUTRI features owe to the right ingredient decision, the right dosage decision and right blending of many and different ingredients without compromising efficacy. The mind and the body can blaze a trail if there are relevant mind and body nutrition, without fiddling with safety.

Dosage Instructions

  1. This ZENNUTRI product is okay for pregnant women, what to speak of nursing mothers. A part of Q Sciences’ pregnant clientele relies on Brain Supplement during pregnancy and continue usage through the nursing phase. Those women bore healthy infants on the one hand and less probability of being smothered by post-par-tum depression. ZENNUTRI provides guidance how under 18 and adults will find Q Sciences’ this feat at their service.
  2. ZENNUTRI does not find Brain Supplement different from other brands when comes to the usage. ZENNUTRI advises its admirer to see a doctor regarding their condition and Brain Supplement before using.
  3. The minimum age required for the ZENNUTRI user is 18 months, preconditioned with the food routine entailing solid food items.
  4. The adult ZENNUTRI users should take two ZenNutri Calm Prime capsules with both meals.
  5. Regarding children, the usage goes along with the age factor. According to the official Q9 webpage, one pill based dose is fine for a two-year
  6. This ZENNUTRI dosage moves on to two Brain Supplement capsules if (Q9 kind using) age is between two to three.
  7. The third year adds one more Q9 pill, while the fourth Q9 nootropic capsule joins the dosage beyond in the fifth year of age.
  8. For all Q9 users above 5, four Q9 nootropic supplement pills serve the best.

Further Q Sciences Provided Information

  • Q Sciences advises such person to visit website who either take anti-depressants or psychotropic medicinal solutions so that they can abide by that website protocol. People at the website have the expertise to help safely.
  • If a person takes ZENNUTRI nootropic capsules with sugar and caffeine, the body’s ability to utilize ZENNUTRI supplement may dip. Q Sciences suggest the Brain Supplement user to exclude both elements, at least, as long as this Q Sciences’ product is relevant.
  • Besides effectiveness, ZenNutri Calm Prime requires three-month ingestion time to exhibit optimum results.

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