Male Onyx by GEC Direct Certainly Cures Sexual Issues

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GEC Direct is the manufacturer of Male Onyx. GEC Direct does so to grow the testosterone count in the body of the consumer. The achievement of this objective is facilitated by extending control over oestrogen and DHT. Men usually face such situation when they reach the 40’s. However, some may experience this sad development in their 30s. Whenever, this bad notion knock at the door of a man, it is bound to get into the house and consolidate its hold. The result of this encroachment is that manhood of the person comes under a dire threat. This unwelcome transformation takes place for many reasons and 5-Alpha Reductase is one of those. 5-Alpha is an enzyme in the body and ageing undoes its fetters. When 5-Alpha Reductase finds a field day, testosterone’s are toasted. The over activity of enzyme 5-Alpha brings an upside down change in the male body by transforming male hormone into DHT. This testosterone transformation decreases the availability of testosterone’s in their body. Harvard Health Publications inform us that decrease in the said hormone dawns a number of issues, which are enlisted in the following.

Drawbacks of Lowering Testosterone’s

In the case of the sexual function, sex drives takes the first and direct hit. The voluntary erection appears standing in the second line, followed by the longevity of erection issue. As regards mind, the dearth of testosterone’s ruffles its ability to counteract depression. The function of concentration gets spoil. A person losing testosterone to 5-Alpha Reductase compound can hardly fall a sound sleep. Confidence level drops in the case of such poor souls. The body cannot dodge the negative effects. When there takes place a shortage of testosterone’s, mass in bones and muscles being suffering. Such body cannot overcome tiredness efficiently. Even metabolism cannot sustain quality in its work and a given body starts getting fat.These developments negatively affect the ability of taking hard exercises and all those things that are directly and indirectly related to above said points.

This Brand

All of these effects are not liked by any male, rather they would like to have an upward journey. In simple words, all men want to be rich in testosterone’s as well so that all the said issues can turn into blessings. Like a robust sex drive, voluntary erections at beck and call, erections that last quite long, a mind that can focus well, a body marked by mass in muscles and body, a body that finds fatigues a perfect stranger and so on. GEC Direct gives hope to men by means of Male Onyx whose plight owes to decreasing testosterone’s. It is because GEC Direct puts synergy of promising ingredients into action so that the malicious fall of testosterone’s can be checked.

The strategy of foiling the testosterone lowering (most probably launched by nature) is marked by following points.

  • Raise the production of testosterone
  • Bring down oestrogens
  • Better Output
  • Great mass in muscles
  • Improve Vitality.

How Does It Work?

The raise in testosterone can only take place if testes are made pump more testosterone’s into the blood stream. The ingredients here contact hypothalamus, which is a part of our brain, so that it can ask the pituitary gland to discharge luteinizing hormone. This hormone can influence testes to secrete more.


Sex Hormone Binding Globulin can attach itself to testosterone and thus can modify them. These modified testosterone’s cannot shore up the edifice of the manhood in any person. Ingredients of Male Onyx prevent this sorry affair by becoming a part of Sex Hormone Binding Globulin before it can pounce male hormones. Thus whatever testosterone are present in a body, they remain fee and able to serve the purpose.


It is ingredients here that empower Male Onyx to cast a spell. A few of those are in the below.


TibulueTerrestris is present in Male Onyx in the extract form which is ideal for athletics and likewise demanding sports. Its main contribution is that blood flow becomes bigger. This helps not only muscles to go an extra mile but also the reproduction system.


BulbineNatalensis is a South African herb. The electronic market now makes it available across the globe. This herb strengthens volunteer erections, lengthens the erection period, and keeps the sex drive in good condition.

Epimedium Grandiflorum

Or Horny Goat Weed is an established name in health care world that betters sexual output of a person.

Suggested Use

A person should take three capsules of Male Onyx in a day to begin youthfully. However, Direct GEC says that a person can increase the dose after one confirms that results are not that clear as these should be. One can increase the dosage up to 6 capsules a day. Direct GEC strictly forbids from having in excess of six capsule in 24 hours. Otherwise, there can be repercussions.


The immense power in Male Onyx warrants that its capsules should be used sagaciously. For example, world acknowledges the role of aspirin in smoothing our life. But it can be drastic if taken in certain circumstances. In the same way, Direct GEC suggests some cautions.

  • Keep it out of reach of children.
  • Male Onyx is not meant for adolescents.
  • Direct GEC finds health people suitable for its use.
  • Direct GEC prohibits capsules in case the user is unwell. This restriction goes with complete recovery.
  • Direct GEC reiterates that these pills do not substitute healthy diet. Rather, the healthy diet can increase augment benefits.These Direct GEC made pills are to be stored in cool and dry place. In addition, that place should be dark too so that sunlight could not challenge its stability.If MD pills appear doing bad thing to the user, Direct GEC advises to stop intake and see a physician.


Male Onyx is testosterone booster produced by Direct GEC to fulfill the testosterone shortage in the body. Direct GEC increases the testosterone count and protects on the other hand. Its natural ingredients are safe and power. The usage instructions and words of caution best use of it and complete safety of the user.

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