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Luxurica skin science represents many solutions to retard the growth of aging factor so that face keep looking beautiful, which is a mark of youth. All Ozea products are equipped with anti-aging attributes so that the moisture barrier of the skin can revert to the healthy level to serve the purpose of protection against skin damage. It is not drying factor that appears to be the only foe of the skin, there are many abettors as well. For instance, there are heat, wind, dirt, pollutants, irritants, and likewise malicious notions gnawing at the skin from outside. As regards the inside, there are free radicals and imbalanced body functions that put a foot on the food supply pipe.

Luxurica skin science Cosmeceuticals appears as the silver lining in the given stark condition as it offers solace to those who take fancy to outdoors or they have to be in outdoor for their work and personal lives. The following lines carry some information about available data.

  1. Anti-Aging Protective Moisturizing Face Cream is one product by the Ozea Cosmeceuticals, which falls into moisturizing cream with a rejuvenating formula. It ingredient profile stocks up the moisture in the skin. This replenishing, in return, contributes to the firmness of the skin to look even cooler. Then, there are advantages of cushioning the impact of wind, heat, dust, and other irritants in the atmosphere around us. Its price is $69 but it is available at the discounted price of $39.

Usage Direction

Luxurica skin science advises that Anti-Aging Protective Moisturizing Face Cream should be applied to the skin generously and gently in the massaging manner. Use according to the need.

  1. The primary purpose of formulating 12+ Antioxidants and Spot Reducer Serum is to make good the loss of the skin as consequent of free radical marauding to keep tight lid on aging spots to arrange for the younger looking skin. 12+ Antioxidants becomes that efficient for the presence of Bioflavonoids. Peels of citrus fruit and grape fruit seed host it to foster anti-aging attributes of the serum and cushion blow of irritants in the atmosphere. Another important element is Emblica Officinalis. This antioxidant gives radiance and protection to the skin. After this there are vitamins, ceramides, olive oil extract, astaxanthin, and so on. Its price is $43 and the liquid content is one fluid ounce. The Spot Reducer ingredient profile is available on labels.

Usage Instruction

12+ Antioxidants and Spot Reducer Serum should be applied to both face and body in a generous manner. The massage, to make it absorb, should be done for five seconds. This serum can be applied with and without Luxurica skin science produced products. The target of optimum results can be achieved after applying the application of Anti-Aging Protective cream. 12+ Antioxidant should be applied twice a day. Meant for external use only. Keep it out of reach of children.

  1. One bottle of Gentle Purifying Cleansing Gel carries 100 ml of fluid, which equates 3.4 fluid ounces. $32 is its regular price but there is a discounted price of 21 US Dollars. Applying this fluid to the skin is the stepping on the first rung of the ladder of rejuvenating the facial appeal. Prevention of damage is another gain here which is materialized by increasing the moisture.

Usage Instructions

For external use only. Luxurica skin science advises the Cleansing Gel user to wet one’s face first so that the Cleansing Gel can be applied in a generous manner. Keep doing the massage for 30 seconds. Use warm water to rinse. Dry the face afterwards.

  1. Anti-Aging Protective Hand and Body Cream is another pride for Luxurica skin science that provides 50-gram (1.7 fluid ounce) content for the discounted price of 24 USD. Otherwise, it usual price is 54 USD. This moisturizing cream is marked by antioxidants that do not let free articles ruin the skin cells. Then, wind blowing cannot dry the skin freely after an accretion has been applied to the skin. Once applied, heat and various kinds of irritants and pollutants cannot maul the use’s skin that freely. The best results depend on the regular application. The ingredient profile is mentioned on the Anti-Aging Protective Hand and Body Cream label and webpage.

 Usage Application

Meant for the exclusive use only. The said Luxurica skin science brand should be applied to the skin with a generous amount and after that it should be massaged so that the liquid content can get inside the skin. Keep it out of reach of children.

  1. Complete Trio Gift Set measures 7 x 7 inches and costs $75 to a buyer with three products in it that would have cost $145 otherwise. There three products serve all necessary skin needs as regarding strengthening the moisture level to forestall skin damage. This Trio pack takes care of external threats to the skin. In addition, skin care is provided from inside when contents get inside. Those three Luxurica skin science products are
  • Therapeutic Lapis Lazuli
  • The 50-gram Anti-Aging Protective Hand and Body Cream
  • The 30-gram Anti-Aging Protective Moisturizing Face Cream
  • The 100-millilitreGentle Purifying Cleansing Gel
  1. Trial Set is the final choice available in the Luxurica skin science inventory, measuring 5 x 5 inches for a price of $18. The Trial Set proffers what is essential for the longevity and good health of the skin. These targets are achieved by focusing the moisture level in particular and other means. These means include slow the drying of the skin at the hands of the aging, wind, dust, irritants and so on. Assistance comes from the inside of the skin by retarding the free radical advance.

As regards the contents of the Trial Set, there are following products in it as decided by Luxurica skin science.

  • The 4 gram Anti-Aging Protective Hand and Body Cream.
  • Anti-Aging Protective Moisturizing Face Cream comes with 4 grams content.
  • Gentle Purifying Cleansing Gel tub carries 20 ml of the content.
  • A designed carrying pouch is the last piece of content here.
  • Dr. Jean Jacques Chiche MD is the driving force behind the Luxurica skin science product range to suppressing age spots caused by aging. The extracts range hails from superb fruits.

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