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Truth Ntura deals in food supplement, books and apparel. This passage is about a certain collection of food supplements, Invictus Labs Supreme Test Male Vitality Optimization Stack. As its title suggests that this stack is about all such aspects of male’s health that are associated with lovemaking abilities. The said stack consists of three Invictus Labs Supreme Test products, i.e., Redwood, Testro-X, and Floracil50 – Probiotic. Buying three food supplements saves a buyer 47.25 USD because the stack caries price of tag of $117.59. This is the price for one-time purchase. It can get lower to further 15% if subscribed. Thus subscription can get three supplements for $99.95.

About The Making Entity

It seems apt to shining the entity that produces this product, that is, Invictus Labs Supreme Test. This concern develops its formula on the scientific method which gives a systematic approach to resolve health issues. As a result, the user is bound to lead a healthy, and vibrant life.

  • Redwood

First constituent of Invictus Labs Supreme Test Male Vitality Optimization Stack is Redwood that has been formulated to work as such Nitric Oxide Booster that comes from nature. It goes without saying that it is specifically developed for men. Poor blood flow and performance invite High Blood Pressure which can be fixed by Redwood. The reason is its specific food supplements that help the blood circulation get better. This solution has been a result of efforts spanning over ten years by Christopher Walker. This ten years searched three topics, endocrinology, men’s health and neuroscience. The consequent formula of Redwood appears to increase blood availability on the considerable level. This helps erection in particular.


Ingredients make give Redwood in Invictus Labs Supreme Test Male Vitality Optimization Stack that potency.

Pine Bark Extract

Invictus Labs Supreme Test chooses Pine bark extract for rich amount of porcyanidins, which fosters amount of Nitric Oxide. Pine Bark is particularly helpful in case of people with cardiovascular and high blood pressure issues.

Horse chestnut Extract

The Horse Chestnut Extract catches the attention of Invictus Labs Supreme Test because it quickens synthesis of nitric oxide, which leads to better blood circulation, including valves there. One form of help is decreasing or avoiding scrotal varicose veins, which are held responsible for infertility, poor erection, and low testosterone’s in 20% of male people in the world.

Garlic Bulb Extract and Vitamin C

When these two notion come together in Redwood constituting Invictus Labs Supreme Test Male Vitality Optimization Stack, the stack works as an enhancement booster. The right amount of these two notions help this pair to polish the Nitric Oxide contribution to the body.

Usage Guidance

Three capsules with a meal should be taken in the morning and evening. The user should keep the gap of 12 hours.

  • Floracil50

The second constituent here in Invictus Labs Supreme Test Male Vitality Optimization Stack is Floracil50. Its formula reflects the impact of studies reviewed by more than three dozen peers. Besides,eight properly dosed natural strains in Floracil50 help the user to cope with physical and mental stress, aging symptoms, and promote healthy bacteria in the digestive system. Owing to New Probiotic Strain digestion remains superb, and bloating, GI and immune system issues are resolved. Gut problems hardly spare any person living here on earth. Stomach pain, poor digestion, low energy, etc., are some common manifestations of gut issues.

It is not easy to lay a hand on all probiotics but it remains difficult until choosing Floracil50, which betters both immune and digestive systems. What is more, TruthNutra makes FLoracil50 in such way that its daily intake will get on quite well with the body. One capsulecarries enough to serve your one day’s needs. Thus, good probiotics help a person to lead a healthy and pain-free day.


Common Benefits a male can expect from the member of Invictus Labs Supreme Test Male Vitality Optimization Stack are in the following.

  • Healthy Digestive System.
  • Throbbing Immune System
  • Decreasing Stress Level
  • Rising stamina and energy levels

Miscellaneous Features

Invictus Labs Supreme Testensures that no element with adverse attributes can find its place here in Floracil50. This is the reason there is complete avoiding of man-made flavor, dies, chemicals, preserving agents, added sugar, or sweetener here. In addition, the Floracil50 formula does not entail Genetically Modified Orgasms, lactose, wheat, herbicides, sucrose, pesticide, egg, peanut and dextrose. Thus, Floracil50 becomes able to serve many people.

Usage Method

Take one capsule a day. If it does not serve the need, increase up to 4 capsules a day. There is no need to cycle the, it can be used continuously.


Testro-X joins Invictus Labs Supreme Test Male Vitality Optimization Stack as the third and final constituent food supplement that has been formulated to increase testosterone count.

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Introducing Testro-X

Invictus Labs Supreme Testceuticals produce this natural formula so that equilibrium can take place in hormone and testosterone hormone can rise. It took Invictus Labs Supreme Testceuticals to develop this formula. The intake of each Testro-X introduces your body to premium health fostering ingredients.

Usual Expectations from Testro-X

  • Testosterone count increases
  • Urge to sex increase
  • Mass in muscles grows
  • Sound sleep
  • Quick recovery from tiredness
  • All day long energy
  • And many manly attributes

Invictus Labs Supreme Test divides ingredient range of Testro-X into three categories.

The Micronutrient Activation Blend

This blend adds to testosterone count. Thisis comprised of:

  • Zinc Gluconate helps in secretion of Luteinizing Hormone and shield androgen receptor.
  • Magnesium Citrate keeps testosterone free by controlling Sex Hormone Binding Globulin.
  • Boron Citrate brings down estrogen and does several other good things

The Stress Reduction Blend

  1. This blend keeps the mind in a light mood.
  2. Organic Ashwagandha heals and decreases
  • Forskohlii Root Extract stimulates testosterone production and heals.

Luteinizing Hormone Surge Blend

This blend increases LH to create more testosterone. Its ingredients are:

  • Inositol
  • L-theanine
  • L-glycine

The Absorption Factor

Bioperine from black pepper increase bioavailability of all ingredients

Usage Method

The user should take three Testro-X capsules with dinner, before going to bed. This method helps the body wring every nutrient from the Testro-X pill. To make the best use of Testro-X, use it on weekdays but do not use on weekends. Don’t worry, there are no side effects and it can be used by women as well.

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