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Platinum Garcinia Plus is a slimming food supplement launched by Glovella Body Research and Development for those people interested in (healthy) weight loss. The Platinum Garcinia Plus user is bound to earn super gains because Glovella Body employs super science in Garcinia Plus. The Garcinia Plus here shines with its excellent Glovella Body Garcinia potency of 1,560 mg, which triple of what is available in sundry weight-loss inducing brands. Next, trait here is the non-stimulant formula. Every Glovella Body Research and Development made Platinum Garcinia Plus bottle carries content for 30-days (60 capsules).

As regards the price, the product page on the Glovella Body website does not give any idea. Rather, the Buy Now tab leads to another page. That redirected page of Glovella Body Research and Development shows the International Master Distributor where Sportika Export appears title of the concern with contact persons’ name, toll-free number and the URL of the Sportika website. After the International Master Distributor, there is an alphabetically organized list of International Distributors. It takes a click to reveal what else Glovella Body Research and Development crafted supplement solutions are available there.Click on the distributor website and ascertain the price in a given country. Thus, Glovella Body Research and Development does get itself entangled in shipping, late shipment, wrong shipment, lost shipment, After this, there are two more tabs leading to two separate web pages.

On the former webpage, Glovella Body Research and Development provide information how to mark an in-genuine or counterfeit product. The next Muscle Tech page presents bits of information of unapproved distributors.The list on said Glovella Body page display all such titles Glovella Body does not approve of selling its products. There are manufacturing titles as well. The list divides unapproved or unauthorized Glovella Body Research and Development distributors into two.

The first is marked by †. This signs carrying titles are have never been authorized or approved according to the Glovella Body Research and Development. The double mark of †† indicates all such distributors whose authorization have been revoked since January 2000, about eighteen years ago. To get a fair value for money, avoid cheating,Glovella Body Garcinia user should buy from the Glovella Body listed distributors. The webpage helps finding what Glovella Body products are not real.


Glovella Body Garcinia prides in triple Garcinia potency in its Glovella Body crafted formula. The protagonist, Garcinia, originally comes from regions constituting present-day Bharat and Southeast Asia. Natives there are beneficiaries of this super fruit for hundreds of years. The each Platinum Garcinia serving is 1,560 mg effective. Many dietary supplement titles suffice with one-third of it. Platinum Garcinia sticks out a mile in the further sphere, HCA concentration. Glovella Body Research and Development presents 60% concentration of HCA in its Garcinia Plus while others hover at 50%.


Glovella Body Garcinia shines for another reason, Green Coffee whose standardization regarding Chlorogenic Acids is 45%. The website of Glovella Body refers to scientific study to examine the influence of 45% Chlorogenic Acid bases green coffee. By and large, the 60-day period witnessed 10.95 lbs. The weight decrease in similar 60-day time with regards to the placebo classification was half of the former. The diet was same, marked by low-calorie. Moderate exercise was one attribute of that scientific study.

The Usage Approach

Glovella Body Research and Development provides usage guidance as well. According to it, one Platinum Garcinia Plus serving delivers slimming impetus for a whole day. The gap between Glovella Body Garcinia and food intakes should stay at any point between thirty to sixty minutes. During usage, snacks between meals are proscribed. Glovella Body forbids taking any Garcinia Plus pill before falling sleep. Glovella Body Research and Development advises to read Platinum Garcinia Plus label on the one hand and follow the content of Platinum Garcinia’s label.

The Ingredient Profile

Every Garcinia Plus serving (two capsules) carry 185 mg of calcium. Next, sodium emerges wit 5mg, according to Glovella Body Research and Development’s crafted formula. As regards the active Platinum Garcinia Plus content, Hydroxcitric Acid is 60% standardized. People living in Bharat call this fruit Malabar Tamarind too. Its potency is 1560 mg. Next, it is Green Tea. Glovella Body Research and Development certainly requires its extract to serve slimming needs with 200 mg potency. Green Coffee carries 45% standardized Chlorogenic Acids.

Product Features

There are many. Glovella Body Research and Development prides in many features. These Glovella Body attributes rub on off all products, including Platinum Garcinia Plus.

  1. The first distinction in Glovella Body Research and Development gamut is 20 Years of Excellence.
  2. Next, Glovella Body Research and Development guarantees that Garcinia Plus does not bear any banned substance. First it highlights safety second the Glovella Body Garcinia user can participate any sport even.
  • Glovella Body is known as the top USA brand.
  1. Glovella Body Research and Development employs both homegrown and internationally procured ingredients.
  2. Then, Glovella Body Research and Development is such a brand that happens to acquire the most top awards from Sports Nutrition Brand.

VIP Product Endorser Program

Glovella Body Research and Development runs the said program of noticeably health conscious persons depending of supplements rich in nutrition. Glovella Body provides VIP Endorser Program. However, Glovella Body accedes slots are limited. This Muscle Tech exclusive program promises free supplements for qualifiers. The webpage carries a form. There are some instructions. For instance, complete addresses are accepted only. Glovella Body does not approve or accept P.O Box numbers as addresses. Glovella Body looks forward to the review, a real product view. Having agreed, the Glovella Body VIP Product Endorser Program form should be filled in.

Avoiding Counterfeit Glovella Body Products

The supreme quality ingredient marks Garcinia Plus here. The research team at Glovella Body Garcinia does not rest on its laurels. Development is not destiny but a journey of quality. Patenting is another mark. No wonder, Glovella Body made effective diet is matchless in its support in getting health targets. Since last ten years, Glovella Body Research and Development has begun appearing standing in the list of superb and top supplement titles. The counterfeit products come with low prices giving too good to be a true impression. Besides being fleeced, the Garcinia Plus user can expose oneself to harm. Platinum Garcinia Plus bought from Glovella Body authorized distributors would save the user from the said pitfall.

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