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CortyX Wellness manufactures Solomon’s Secret as nootropic. Each Solomon’s Secret’s bottle carries thirty capsules. At the time of writing, the CortyX Wellness was running a promotion. According to it, CortyX Wellness provides following Secret’s options.

  1. One bottle with 30 nootropic Solomon’s capsules cost $69 by saving $80. Serves one-month nootropic needs.
  2. Three bottles of 90 nootropics Solomon’s capsules cost $177 by saving $270. Hence, one bottle price shrinks to $59. Serves three-months nootropics needs.
  3. Six bottles with 180 nootropics Solomon’s capsules cost $294 by saving 600 USD. Hence, one bottle price shrinks to $49. Serves six-month nootropics needs.


CortyX Clarity capsules turn over a new leaf. Following lines exhibit some highlights in the textual form.

  1. Mood improvement
  2. Increases cognitive abilities.
  3. Recalling memories get enhanced.
  4. Learning grows.
  5. Neurological protection grows stronger.

Solomon’s Secret (Description)

CortyX Clarity owes to its meticulous nootropic approach ( the formula). The team prides in its credentials. A serving of a day at Solomon’s carries all that a brain would need to outshines others. No wonder, if CortyX user finds the collective wisdom of millennia tangibly in a single capsule. Rather that CortyX proffered (and paid too) wisdom gets distilled and refined in the CortyX’ FDA approved entity.

The Secret’ label shows the inside of CortyX Clarity. The labs at CortyX Wellness exhibit high standards of integrity (entailing transparency and quality). Solomon’s Secrete get through the similar quality sieve fashioned by CortyX. Synergy in CortyX Clarity enhances the brain’s working ability greatly. The internet can be-combed. CortyX rests assured that the internet too would blow Solomon’s Secret’s trumpet.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Before proceeding to CortyX guarantee matters, aspects of CortyX’ genuineness needs to be shone here. The account states (form the bank) shows CortyX Wellness. Had there been some hanky panky, CortyX Wellness would not have done it.

CortyX Wellness (for Secret) dispenses satisfaction guarantee in the form of 180-day long hundred percent Money Back Guarantee. Sundry nootropic brands do not present any similar hope (money back guarantee). If they have one, it is limited to 15 or stretching to 30 days only. CortyX Wellness blaze a new trail. 180 days guarantee proves earnestness in addition to the superb quality. CortyX Clarity offers that on any day between the day one to 180th day, the user can change one’s heart. The webpage provides the email address to contact before implementing the change. Next step after the email, is refunding CortyX Wellness. Besides, CortyX Wellness does not demand the return of the bottle either to start or complete the guarantee process.

Usage Instructions

Solomon’s Secret nootropics pills are easy to swallow. Begin with one Secret’s capsule. Ensure you swallow with food, preferably food. Having ascertained compatibility, take the second capsule at any time between two to four hours. Do not forget to take meal this time too. This approach or the second CortyX Wellness gives the best advantage wringing option. There is a tip too. CortyX Wellness advises drinking plentiful water. The water’s intake and wringing potential have a link similar to direct proportion.

The Manufacturing Place

CortyX Wellness ensures that Solomon’s Secret’s manufacturing takes place in the USA and in such set up that applies FDA guidelines to the book. Tacitly, GMP sneaks in, adding another credence accretion.

The Side Effects’ Question

CortyX Wellness states that Solomon’s Secret has benefited thousands of people. Besides, CortyX is yet to know about a serious negative infliction of Solomon’s Secret. CortyX Wellness advises that a stitch in time saves nine. Hence, a physician should be-visited before the first day of CortyX Clarity. There is hardly any doubt. Solomon’s Secret nootropic pills are tested yet seeing a doctor is quite important.

Ordering And Paying

Both are a piece of cake. The first step requires filling in the checkout page with billing and shipping address and then credit card information. An internet surfer can choose to pay by Visa, Discover or MasterCard. To the surprise of many, CortyX Wellness website is devoid of American Express. CortyX shuns for the affordability issue. AMEX, abbreviating American Express, is kept off for high-cost transactions that can swell the benefit cost of Solomon’s Secret. Therefore, AMEX does not appear on the CortyX checkout page. Financial information is important. Hence, data protection rightly catches the attention. CortyX Wellness says financial information is safe. This safety owes to:


  1. As regards CortyX Wellness, PCI-Compliant modus operandi stashes away and puts the buyer’s (CortyX Clarity) data from one place to the other.
  2. The sales on CortyX basks in 256-bit secured and encrypted SSL.
  3. Next, CortyX says it is jealous of Solomon’s Secret’s customer data, so Solomon’s data sharing is out of the question.


Shipping (of Solomon’s Secret) is available through breadth and length of the USA. As regards the delivery time, CortyX Wellness dispatches all Solomon’s Secret orders in 24 hours (working hours to be exact). The working days similar to all US concerns, from Monday to Friday. Solomon’s Secret should reach its buyer in an CortyX estimated time of three to five work days. A holiday many add one more day.


Actuating CortyX Wellness offered refund choice is a pie. CortyX hardly concerns about Solomon’s Secret’s user disillusionment. CortyX does not see beyond a change in the decision regarding Secret. Support at the rate of these cert of solomon dot come shins the email contact method. Alternatively, an CortyX customer can establish telephonic contact. The telephone number is eight, five, five, eight, four, two, zero, one, one, and seven.

Bear In Mind

Solomon’s Secret is a nootropic. CortyX Wellness chooses the right nootropic ingredient to give the right nootropic benefit. The health of Secret’ user can be different. The health condition may not be optimum, etc.Solomon’s Secret results may vary. The label carries important Solomon’s Secret usage and avoidance information.


This CortyX Clarity centering passage covers all that concern a nootropic product and finds Secret fit-for-purpose.

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