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ClarityX presents Work Juice, which is a herb based food supplement, constructed to give its helping hand when the user body requires help in strength, endurance, balance in hormones, and cognitive related processes. In addition, ClarityX comes forward to assist when a person needs support to overcome stress and mood sways. The said solution appears to be a multipurpose Swiss Army,Knife, which fixes a number of mind and body issues. This is the reason whether the user is an athlete (even professional one),a gym going person (either regular or weekend visitor), profession, or even a house wife, Work Juice is good enough to keep the body active. Several benefits are associated with ClarityX crafted Work Juice.

Important amongst those are bolstering stamina, enhancing strength, quickening muscle recovery, promotion of healthy thyroid working, and much more. With the trapping of an antioxidant, Work juice offers its service to manage stress, cortisol level, mood and memory retention. The chief advantage of throwing in one’s lot with this ClarityX product is that the user retains composure under stress and gets an edge over others in a given competition in the life.

Why This Brand?

The following line list justifications for ClarityX.


Strength And Endurance

Work Juice empowers its user to move heaven and earth. Giving rise to the increase in the cardio respiratory endurance, strength and muscle mass are some examples to quote.

Stress And Mood

Work Juice invokes such neurotransmitters that contribute to the feeling of relaxation and happiness. Some consequent gains positive outlook of life, better sleep, and greater motivation.

Thyroid And Cortisol

Hormones have a vital role in the well being of a given person as these can sway a person to gain or shed weight, feel pessimistic or optimistic, feel satiated or voracious. Ingredients chosen by ClarityX contribute to hormonal balance.

Memory And Recall

The regular use of Work Juice lets its ingredients foster remembering and thinking back on. This contribution makes life easy for oneself and others at home and work place, just life remembering where you put the keys, who was the person you saw last week, etc.

Processing Speed

The time required to take a decision, thought processing, or reacting to a certain situation, etc., contributes to success and otherwise. The mind processing speed becomes even more important in stressful situations. Sometimes it needs a second to decide. Even a 5% enhanced processing can make a person win. ClarityX helps here again.

Antioxidant and Muscle Repair

Free Radicals do not portray a good picture for any corporeal existence. ClarityX uses ingredients, like Ginseng and Ashwagandha, with antioxidant qualities to restrict loss caused by free radicals. Besides, the said ingredient contribute to muscle recovery.


The daily intake of ClarityX ingredients keeps a lid on such hormone that contributes to glumness. Thus, neurotransmitters here does not let sadness encroach the thoughts. A positive person can do uphill tasks in a smooth manner.

Run Longer, Train Harder, and Get Stronger

VO2 Max, adequate volumes of hormones, efficient muscle recovery, etc., in Work Juice helps the user to grow stronger and more endurable. Thanks to Panax Ginseng, Ashwagandha, and RhodiolaRoea.

Judge Faster, Gain An Understanding Faster, And Respond Faster

ClarityX nodded ingredients in Work Juice help quick thought process which affects the decision-making ability directly and positively. The winning chances surge in case of sport, competitions, etc.


It is ClarityX chosen ingredients that lay the foundation for a brighter life for Work Juice user. This reason justifies their appearance in the following.


Clinical report bear evidence that KSM-66 blunts blows of anxiety and stress, stirs up learning and retaining, promotes endurance and strength.

Indian Bacopa

BacopaMonnieri is an India herb with entrenched medical repute in Ayurveda, which brings it in Work Juice, of course in the extract form. The Bacopa extract brings down acetylcholinesterase, influences 5-HT receptors, and makes the ground for better learning, memorizing, and thinking. The former activity brings down the intensity and longevity of acetylcholineneurotransmitter. ClarityX finds it worthy enough to constitute its Work Juice.

RhodiolaRosea Root

European and Asian health experts have been being appreciating the health encouraging root of RhodiolaRosea whenever there rose the question of bolstering physical endurance. This is the reason RhodiolaRosea provide energy, mood stability, and endurance needs of denizens of China, Siberia, and Alaska.  These reasons make it catch the fancy of Work Juice developers.

Bulgarian Lemon Balm Leaf Extract

Bulgarian Lemon Balm (Melissa Officialism) belongs to the mint family of plants and grows in many parts of the world. The reason for its popularity in South Central Europe, Central Asia, North Africa, and the Mediterranean is that it helps thinking, suppressing anxiety and fosters serenity. Besides, it promotes fettering of free radicals in the user body. For these benefits, ClarityX stake holders like it to be part of this very product.

Caffeine Free

Some people are fond caffeine and some are not. However, Work Juice does not include caffeine. The purpose is to avoid the overdose in the case of those people who fancy, tea, coffee, and energy drinks.

Diet and Health Considerations

  • vegetarian Capsules make ClarityX vegetarian-friendly food supplement.
  • Non-GMO increases the user range.
  • In the same way, the abstention from gluten makes it acceptable for digestive systems of those people who are haunted by gluten intolerance.
  • Besides, it is Celiac friendly.
  • Soy is not a part of the formula either.
  • Made in the USA

The manufacturing of ClarityX in the USA fosters its quality and assures the first time user that one’s money will not go wasted.


GMP regulations were the guiding star of Work Juice’s manufacturing.

Satisfaction Guarantee

ClarityX gives Satisfaction Guarantee for Work Juice to its users. It says if Work Juice does not satisfy them even in 90 days, they can opt for are fund.

How To Avail Discount

15 percent discount is available on ClarityX to those customers who choose subscription over one-time purchase.

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