Biogenic XR

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Biogenic XR is a dietary supplement and stirs up testosterone hormone for purposes penned in the following.

  • Easy weight loss.
  • Healthier and greater libido count.
  • Better muscular tone.

It may be difficult for a person to invest in a product on the basis of information it provides about itself. For this reason, the stakeholders begin the trust process by providing a sample at the discount price. As a given person nods, the regular supply begins and continues until that person gets it terminated.

Effect Range

When it comes to growth and power of any male body, the contribution of testosterone hormone has to be appreciated. But the problem is that a male body has been destined to slow the testosterone production after peaking it in the 20’s. When the body does not find testosterone hormone in sufficient amount, various functions and activities begin getting degraded. Power and strength begin waning. Weight gain becomes a norm. What is more important in men’s eyes, sexual function suffers in all aspects, such as, spontaneous erections, duration of erections, and finally, quality of erections. As regards the state of mind, a man wishes to stay young for every because one has tasted the fruit of youth and finds life colorless minus attraction for women and ability to have sex with them. This is where Biogenic XR becomes relevant. This relevancy owes to the fact that it is possible to relive youthful days.

Contribution summarized

Its contribution is highlighted in the following. This harvest becomes available after a person uses Biogenic XR regularly. In the others words, the distance between aging person and youth is bridged by taking three Biogenic XR tablets daily. Reverting to promises, these are:

  • An improvement in power.
  • An increase in endurance.
  • An increase in the self-assurance level.
  • Healthier sex drive.

How this brand delivers

The deliverance here, in the case of Biogenic XR, owes to Biogenic XR’s ingredient profile. Those ingredient names appear in the following.

  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin B12
  • Bioperine, a patented extract of the Black Pepper, which is a spice.
  • PrimaVie, a patented extract ofShilajit, which is mineral found in Himalaya peaks.
  • L-Citrulline
  • Boron
  • Zinc


Shilajitis found in the Himalaya peaks. Both men and women have been using it for muscular weakness, join tissues, and energy for centuries. Present day studies reveal that PrimaVie is an excellent way to get the said benefits on the one hand and better nails, skin, and hair on the other hand.


The role of L-Citrulline is very important. Rather, it is L-Citrulline’s importance that gets it a place in the Biogenic XR ingredient profile. Metabolism extracts nitric oxide from L-Citrulline. The said compound sounds vital when it comes to sending more blood to the body in the general and to the male sex organ in particular in an effortless and secure manner while keeping in mind intricacy of the cardiovascular system and blood pressure in veins. It does not require some rocket science to understand what this development will benefit to a given person. Every cell in the body is to get more blood, which is bound to be laden with oxygen and nutrients of Biogenic XR and some healthy diet that person would have taken.


Boronis enlisted in Biogenic XR for it can sway secretion of various hormones in the body. For men in the forties, fluids like testosterone, estrogen, Sex Hormone Binding Globulin, etc., matters more importantly than others. Boron takes the side of the man in affairs related to said fluids. Boron promotes the first while keeps the rest two under its thumb. To put it simply, sex power of Biogenic XR user, that is, Boron user as well, increases. After this, Boron takes care of issues like inflammation, bone upkeep and blood plasma. This mineral influences the behavior of vitamin D and thought processing mechanism as well.

Vitamin D

Health experts find vitamin in amongst those two dozen nutrients on which rests the survival of the man. The longevity of cells depends on Vitamin D. The sexual abilities of the male user are promoted by regulation of both testosterone and estrogen hormones. Calcium becomes able to help in bone growth matters.

Vitamin B12

This vitamin, i.e., Vitamin B12, contributes to sexual health by fostering the working of the nervous system. Better sensory feedback is one obvious gain. Then, libido count takes a benefit. Neurotransmitters fall into the beneficiary category as well.


Biogenic XR uses zinc because it can harden the sex organ as if it were made of iron. Zinc promotes Luteinizing Hormone in the bloodstream which is one stimulating factor for generous testosterone production in the male corporeal existence. There are studies where elderly men were able to host a 200% increase in testosterone in a matter of six months. There is another thing that makes zinc important enough to be included by Biogenic XR, our body cannot make it. So, a person has to take form external source if gives a dime to sexual prospects in his life. Health experts observe that one ejaculation costs five milligrams of zinc.


BioPerine comes here because it is registered extract of a spice of the Orient, Black Pepper. BioPerineaugments bioavailability of nutrients. The ability to raise testosterone in the male user body brings BioPerine here so that it can add another sling to the Biogenic XR bow. Its presence in the body multiplies the nutrient absorption rate, which means nutrients will be available quickly to male sexual organ so that it can bring back youthful days.


As a matter of fact, Biogenic XR is not a gratis solution to sexual woes of a given man. As mentioned in the beginning, stakeholders provide a sample in the start for the charge of $4.99. Non-cancellation of Biogenic XR package is considered approval and regular amount of supplement begin reaching a given person, of course for the price of $69.99.

Biogenic XR Supplement Usage Method

A user is to take three Biogenic XR pills in the morning for rest days and 30 minutes before exercising in active days.

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