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AlphaMax X10, as its title suggests, provides various food supplement to help a sportsperson in achieving various sports-related objectives. Before delineating what AlphaMax X10 food supplements can do for its customers, it is apt to know the manufacturer a bit. As a matter of fact, AlphaMax X10 has been established as a sub-brand of Momentum Nutrition. The purpose of setting up this sub-brand is to introduce such product that establish unprecedented standards of transparency. The entire product range here falls into the single-ingredient supplement category.

Alpha GPC

Every bottle of Alpha GPC presents cholinergic compound that has potential to better the thinking work of the find and sharpen the exercising capacity of the body. Alpha GPC, abbreviating Alpha glycerylphosphorylcholine, is the other name of AlphaSize, which itself is a stable manifestation that happens to be the centre of many studies entailing Alpha GPC.To confirm hopes that Momentum Nutrition pins on Alpha GPC, a third party evaluates tests it and assures that there are only listed compounds in it, there are no heavy metals there, and there are no containment either.

Nature provided Alpha GPC in meat and eggs. This cholinergic compound carrying products are not very productive, unluckily, from nootropic point of view. There is no much hope in those foods from the performance perspective either. This is the reason, people turn to supplements. This need is fostered by the fact that diet of a person cannot provide enough Alpha GPC either.

What Is Alpha GPC?

Alpha GPC belongs to Choline-containing phospholipid category. The weight of Choline and Glycerylphosphorylcholine is 40 and 60% respectively.


Ashwagandha is such an adaptogen that attract many types of research today. One reason for this phenomenon is that is the Ashwagandha benefit range, which is herb native to the Indian sub-continent of India. The finding spree of Ashwagandha reveals benefits as regard bringing down stress and Cortisol. These findings have been surfaced by several studies and each appears focusing a varying kind of the said Indian herb.

As regards the said product, AlphaMax X10 finds KSM-66 good enough to assemble its food supplement. KSM-66 is the name of a certain stable and standardized form of Ashwagandha that has attracted the attention of most researchers. Its chief contribution is to help mind navigating the boat of thought amidst the troubled waters.


There exists no difference between Citicoline and CDP-Choline at all. The CDP-Choline serves the blood-brain-barrier in a manner identical to that of Alpha GPC. However, researchers have been paying attention to it in the capacity of a cognitive fostering nutrient. Many food supplements brag that their users will become smarter. But it is Citicoline that actually help thought processing of people. These are such people who enjoy a perfect level of health. Besides, the body can get Choline from Citicoline alone. Thus, Citicoline appears different from abundantly available Nootropics that say the elderly are bound to benefit in some issues.


AlphaMax X10 sells one bottle of Higenamine for $ 30.00, which contains Norcoclaurine. Nature produces Higenamine in many a plant species. This notion burns fat in the body, which means a rise in the energy level. The focus gets better too. This property makes it suitable to comprise pre-workouts and fat burning food solutions. Reverting to the said product, superb Higenamine HCI defines it. As a company policy, a Third Party verifies that its label mentions in a verbatim manner whatever constitutes this 30 US Dollar product. Sadly, not all manufacturers shine Higenamine as it should be.

What Is Higenamine?

Experts inform that Higenamine, which is also known as Norcoclaurine, traces its lineage to such family of chemicals that are identifiedin the capacity of Beta-Receptor Agonists. To be exact, Higenamine is a manifestation of Beta-2-Receptor. Beta Receptors in the body start breaking down of fat. Its scientific name is Lipolysis. Alpha Receptors stop Lipolysis function in the body. As Higenamine activates Beta-Receptors, so the user gets the benefit of fat loss in a direct manner by trusting the said product


The price of each bottle of Phosphatidylserine by AlphaMax X10 $ 49.95, which relies on SerinAid® to serves its health assuring purpose. This food supplement bases on Phosphatidylserine to ensure the health of brain because Phosphatidylserine is a constituent of the brain-cell membrane.

Rauwolscine (Alpha-Yohimbine)

Many types of plant carry Rauwolscine in those. When Rauwolscine gets inside the human body, the fat loss process is assisted. Rauwolscine by AlphaMax X10 is a successful attempt to cause weight reduction in its user’s body. A bottle of Rauwolscine costs 25 USD. This compound hails from Yohimbine. But, health experts find Rauwolscine more effective than Yohimbine because the former does not inflict such side effects as does the latter. Reverting to the product, Rauwolscine prides in the pristine form of Rauwolscine HCI, which is quite uncommon in sundry products. This product too follows the company policy of Third Party verification of its credentials and being free of contaminants.

Terminalia Arjuna

AlphaMax X10 aims at increasing the overall health of people by introducing $ 39.95 worth Terminalia Arjuna. Many body systems benefits, for example;



Kidney and many more organs and systems. Terminalia Arjuna is an all-rounder type of food supplement and a person needs this supplement because diet cannot provide an adequate amount of the said compound.


Synephrine is a $ 30.00 product by AlphaMax X10. The compound of Synephrine quickens the fat dissolving process and contributes to a surge in Basal Metabolic Rate without straining blood pressure or working of the heart.


AlphaMax X10 provides a source of energy and muscle building in this product. Safety and reliability are its salient features.


Forskolin helps muscle and power growth as it promotes the production of testosterone and thyroid hormones.


Leucine in this product by AlphaMax X10 is one of three Branched-Chain Amino Acids. As an amino acid, it contributes to muscle growth.

Shipping Information

All US orders get gratis shipping by US Postal Service and get delivered in two to three working days. The international delivery period varies.

Refund Policy

AlphaMax X10 offers 30-day Money Back Guarantee. Incomplete satisfaction, and non-delivery of the order make the buyer of any AlphaMax X10 product eligible for a refund.

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