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Alpha Hard Reload is an example of presenting natural edible elements in the form of a mixture to a person who wishes to strengthen and grow his body considerably. STEEL is the manufacturer of Alpha Hard Reload food supplement for muscle enhancement. Steel sells its own product on its own website for $29.99.


Alpha Hard Reload has been manufactured by Steel for such people who wish to rely on nothing but nature to grow their muscles and then decrease their recover time. 20 gram of vegan protein and amino acids are its tops attractions. These two notions help the Alpha Hard Reload user to enhance one particular type of treasure, i.e., health, without inviting any long or short-term damage. The pro-vegetarian protein means Alpha Hard Reload is suitable for all those people who are wary of animal protein for one reason or the other. Thus, Steel lengthens the base of its targeted market.


Steel finds it apt to list what Alpha Hard Reload can do for its user. These expectations have been packed into four points.


Growth is the raison d’être of Alpha Hard Reload. Quick growth without demanding draining energy. The assistance in Alpha Hard Reload becomes available to the user in two particular ways.

Various nutrients that help the growth mechanism to pick up speed.


The good amount of protein here helps the body to provide building blocks for muscle building. Muscles are one particular form of protein.

 Amino Acids

Amino Acids lead to the making of nitric oxide that get more blood to muscles. It is blood only that can take oxygen and nutrients to muscles.


Energy is the alpha and omega of any physical activity. Gym related activities require quite a great amount of energy and Alpha Hard Reload meets the need.


The usual way to get rid of fats and increase muscles noticeable is to join some vigorous table of exercises related to the gym. The gym is a hard nut to crack and leave a person enthusiastic exhausted in the same groove. Alpha Hard Reload with its plentiful ingredients helps the worked out muscles to recover from tiredness

Performance, all the earlier said features of Alpha Hard Reload help the user to go an extra mile. In other words, the greater amount of energy, ability to grow more muscle with the help of protein, availability of nutrients and better recovery modus operandi helps the body to grow muscles in a considerable manner.

Before shining Alpha Hard Reload, it seems apt to make the ground for penning a one thousand world passage. One convincing way to do is enlisting the making elements chosen by Steel to make Alpha Hard Reload a fit-for-purpose.

  1. Glutamic Acid
  2. Silicon Dioxide
  3. Aspartic Acid
  4. Stevia Extract
  5. Leucine
  6. Xanthan Gum
  7. Argine
  8. Valine
  9. Alanin
  10. Beet Root Extract
  11. Phenylalanine
  12. Tyrosine
  13. Serine
  14. Maltodextrin
  15. Proline
  16. Glycine
  17. Isoleucine
  18. D-Ribose
  19. Threonine
  20. Methionine
  21. Lysine
  22. Cysteine
  23. Histide
  24. Natural Flavors
  25. Brown Rice Protein,
  26. Pea Protein Isolate,

Having looked at the count of ingredients here,it is impossible to do justice to those in this limited space. However, it is possible to shine one or two ingredients.

Glutamic Acid

  • Human body extracts glutamine from Glutamic Acid by means of Glutamate Ammonium Ligase. Thus, thebody becomes able to take advantage of glutamine with the help of Alpha Hard Reload.
  • Glutamine contributed considerably to the blood plasma and many other notions in the body.
  • 60% of such amino acids that fall into the free category represent this notion.

Acid-based ration remains fine as long as glutamine in the human body is in a sufficient amount. It is glutamine that fosters the overall wellbeing of the body by purging the body of toxic matter with the help of kidneys. The said elements help the body to save bicarbonate which neutralizes acids in the body. It is good health that enables a person to blaze a new trail in the gym. Muscle integrity owes to the said compound. If the body runs short of glutamine, body extracts protein from muscles and transform into glutamine to carry out more important pieces of work. Thus, sufficient amount saves muscles from shrinking.

In other words, when gym exercise may cost the body a share of protein in the muscles, glutamine in Alpha Hard Reload saves the day. Otherwise, there is strong fear that muscle strands can go thin and skin can lose its tightness. The body’s internal defence system remains active. What is more, the body stores a less amount of fat, which means as long as glutamine is in abundance, a person should exhaust oneself by weight gain issues. This development takes place because glutamine can take the form of glucose when it reaches inside the kidneys. This transformation does not loom levels of insulin and glucagon in the body. Thus, the process of weight loss gets helps. The demand for sugar goes does and person finds one’s appetite shrinking. The user enjoys sound sleep that contributes to the recovery of the body from a demanding exercise in the gym.

Usage Instruction

Steel lists how Alpha Hard Reload can benefit in a considerable manner.

  • Take one Alpha Hard Reload scoop in the morning.
  • Take it after the breakfast.
  • Take the second scoop in the evening
  • Repeat the condition number two.


Words of Caution

  • Keep it out of reach of children.
  • Not suitable for minors.
  • The would-be mother should refrain from Alpha Hard Reload.
  • Alpha Hard Reload is inappropriate for women.
  • A person suffering from some illness should refrain from is as long the blessing of health does not knock one’s threshold.
  • In case of some medical history, Steel advises the Vet Pro user to see one’s health expert prior to taking any scoop inside.
  • Overdose does not do any good to any user, so do not go for it.
  • Though quite effective, yet the optimum result becomes possible when two more conditions are met. The first is that diet should be diverse and healthy, marked by the presence of required nutrients.
  • Alpha Hard Reload gives utmost result when exercising is the order of the day.

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