Active Brightening Face Serum

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Active Brightening Face Serum Using An Innovative Way

A few lines about the significance of stem cell will educate the reader about the relevance of Active Brightening Face Serum product range. To begin with, the facade of skin bases on stem cells. There is a particular reason that it is these cells that can take the place of both ailing and damaged cells. This type of cell can continue this work for ages. Trouble begins only when we begin ageing. Ageing shadows the potency of the cell stems, which slows their repairing ability. This it creates a lacuna from where fine lines, sagging, age spots, wrinkles, and likewise notions start stamping the skin. This stamping becomes more visible on the face, which is more fretting for women.The said product is composed of non-embryonic stem cells that are quite powerful to give a rejuvenated look to the skin.

Methods Used Here?

The reason for basing Active Brightening Face Serum product range on the potency of stem cells is that these can put some excellent fight ageing inflictions, i.e., age spots, fine lines, wrinkles, etc. The skin cell care escalates into next level when the said products are joined by moisturizers and ingredients. Meticulous care in the selection of ingredients ensures that nature will be at its best in rejuvenating the aged hunted skin. This product exemplifies a perfect blend of discoveries and technology. For example, in order to give a rejuvenated look, Lifeline relies on a typical kind of protein, i.e., messaging molecules. In addition, these molecules give the best result to bless a skin with noticeable glow. This combination gives more results, such as, soft, smooth, and youthful skin. All these wonderful developments take place only because the aforesaid product is able to work on the cells of the skin to give the said results. Bioactive peptides add another sling to the bow of this Lifeline anti-ageing solutions. One basic thing that differentiates the said range from its counterparts is that the developing team bears in mind continuously evolving structure of cells in the human skin. They also keep in mind the stability of the structure as well as going deep down into the skin.


Driving Force

The driving force behind Active Brightening Face Serum products comes from ingredients. There are three categories of ingredients, i.e., peptides, enzymes, and amino acids in addition to stem cells. What is more, the out of these three categories are fostered by mineral, vitamins and antioxidants.. anyhow, the end result is that an increase in the volume of both elastin and collagen takes place in the largest organ of the body, i.e., skin. The activeness of proteins is essential for materializing of our skin care promises  which is secured by a particular method that involves putting stem cells in nanospheres. What is more, small molecule technology lends its hand to the said anti-ageing approach. Peptides in it helps the user to look 5 to 15 years younger. This approach makes it easy for the cream to let the skin take best results from collagen.

Work Of The Stem Cell Technology

It is the basal layer in the epidermis that hosts a great number of skin stem cells. This category of cells carries out a number of functions, both primary and secondary. As far as the basic function is concerned, it is all about making good the loss due to wounds on the skin. As a matter of fact, stem cells keep replenishing epidermis. They spring into action by the message of damage or wound conveyed by nearby stem cells. Clinical reports bear out the validity of stem cell in connection with an anti-ageing solution. In addition to the aforesaid function, this technology helps the skin to overcome the loss that would have took place as the result of UV rays coming from the sunlight. It compensates the UV oriented loss by paving the ground for proliferation. To put it simply, these cells are able to generate new cell to take the place of damaged cells. Free-radicals provide a great stimulus to ageing. The role of exposure to the sunlight is not benevolent in any way. Inflammation too is something bad for the skin. Active Brightening Face Serum helps in all these fields.


Product Range

Six products populate the Active Brightening Face Serum product range. These are Aqueous Gel Serum CM, Aqueous Gel Serum, Neck Firming Complex, Daily Defense Complex, Recovery Night Moisture Serum, and Eye Firming Complex.

Lifeline Neck Firming Complex

Lifeline Neck Firming Complex is one component of Active Brightening Face Serum product range. It used protein made peptides taken from non-embryonic cells. Their potency is improved by using cherry pick ingredients. This is the reason the user of Lifeline Neck Firming Complex feels that skin of her neck become firmer, younger, and even smoother with each passing day. Elasticity, greater moisture in the skin and leveling wrinkles are chief characteristics of this serum.

Daily Defense Complex

The 30 ml liquid in Daily Defense Complex contains a cutting edge solution to stop the effects of age. One can see the see able difference with one’s naked eye, such as, disappearing fine lines, evens the uneven skin tone, fixing the discolouration, etc. This product stands by the skin to make the good loss every day. It happen because of human stem cells working here along with other notions.

Recovery Night Moisture Serum

The 30 mL magic fluid in Recovery Night Moisture Serum works on the betterment of the user’s skin while she is asleep. It makes use of the power of human stem cells and amino acids. The moisture proportion in the skin rises and ratio of fine lines and even wrinkles goes down. Skin looks glowing and healthier and even firmer. As all these are sings of the young skin, so the user’s skin gets youthful looks.

Eye Firming Complex

This product of Active Brightening Face Serum relies on the potency of peptides to stop the ageing process. It does so by soothing, hydrating and tightening

Aqueous Gel Serum CM

It borrows healing power from cucumber, various carefully selected ingredients and human stem cells.


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