Activatrol Male Testosterone

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Activatrol Male Testosterone Keeps It Promises

Activatrol Male Testosterone revolves around two key compounds in a male body, testosterone and libidos. Each TESTED bottle has sixty capsules.The chief purpose of TESTED is to stir up the libido and testosterone count in the body. LJ100 adds another sling to the bow here. This compound is available here in an adequate dose to give results. An increase takes place in lean body mass. The sexual function of the body becomes greater. Energy level rises. Libidos assert their presence. Capsules are available in liquid form which is easier for the digestive system to make use of. Nutrex Research conceals not a single piece of information under the pretext of propriety blend. There is something interesting about the online purchase here that if a person buys two packs of food supplements, the third will be available free of cost. However, a buyer can make use of one discount scheme at one time.

Why This Brand?

TESTED food supplements bases on such formula that has been able to get through the litmus test of clinical testing. The formula prides in its potential of increasing the numerical strength of libidos and testosterone’s in the male body. In this regard, Activatrol Male Testosterone makes full use of LJ100®to an unprecedented extent in the field of healthcare. All clinical tests that were conducted, LJ100® was able to prove its worth by raising the testosterone county in the sample men. Testosterone hogs importance because it contributes a lot to the growth and maintenance of the body. It is needed because of its anabolic role in the body. This hormone helps the muscle as well as libido number growth. Then, LJ100® has clinical evidence proving that this compound adds to sexual function of the body, raises the performance level, stirs up a greater level of the energy, promotes calmness in thoughts and empowers the body to come out of the atmosphere of tiredness.

Thus, it becomes evident that Activatrol makes TESTED by Nutrex Nutrition stick out a mile and makes it a very distinctive food supplement in the market. Besides, it is the choice of those men who want to super sexual health and build muscles on a noticeable level.

Build Lean Muscle

The first gain for the user of LJ100® in TESTED is that lean muscles are developed. Only one hundred grams dose of LJ100® can make the difference. Usual developments are lean mass gain, fat burning of the body, a rise in the power and strength of the body, and a rise in the size of muscles as well. These benefits lay at the distance of two months’ use of Activatrol Male Testosterone.

Better Hormone Level

Another clinical report made by Nutrex Nutrition corroborates its claim of raising testosterone’s in the body. When the male hormone or testosterone level touch the normal count mark, the male body offers a superb sex drive and superior ability to have sex.

Cool State of Mind

Stress can rust each and every function of the body and the mind. The Longjack extract in TESTED has been included to help men users to lead a calmer life. Calm life increases all the positive results. Besides, tension and anger levels too go down in men who believe in Activatrol Male Testosterone potential.

Libido Count Raiser

Sufficient libidos assure superb performance in bedroom affairs. Simply, the sex drive owes to the count of the aforesaid hormone along with erectile ability, stamina and even the volume of ejaculation.

Shining Longjack

An extract of EurycomaLongifolia by the name of Longjack adds one more sling to the bow of Activatrol Male Testosterone. This Eurycoma extract comes from the Simaroubaceae plant family and serving a good part of the world population that lives in the Indian Subcontinent for ages, especially in fertility and aphrodisiac matters. Besides, it is particularly useful for athletes. There is a trap for laymen as regards Longjack ingredient in Activatrol Male Testosterone. Many developers descend to low-quality extract while Nutrex Nutrition does not settle less than 5:1 ratio. This provision of information supports that Activatrol is a right product otherwise they would not have revealed it.

ShiningLJ100®100:1 Extract

As a matter of fact, it is LJ100® which is such an extract from EurycomaLongifolia that has proven ratio of 100:1. Besides, it has been standardized to 40%, 22%, 30% and 0.8% GlycoSaponins, Bioactive Eurypeptides, Polysaccharides, and Eurycomanone respectively. This compound takes place as a result of a specific extraction step because that process is marked by high temperature and pressure, ultra filtration, and reverse osmosis. All these processes make Longjack of Activatrol Male Testosterone far better than its counterparts.

Nutrex Nutrition recommends that the user of Activatrol Male Testosterone should take two capsules in the morning then two more in the evening. This routine changes during the exercising days because in those days the user is required to take capsules one hour before taking any kind of exercise. The remaining two capsules can be taken either in the morning or before going to bed.

Words of Caution

The immense potency in Activatrol requires that it should be handled with care. This is the reason that there are some warnings provided by the Nutrex Nutrition.

  • Keep it out of reach of children.
  • Keep Activatrol Male Testosterone out of reach of adolescents.
  • The food supplement can reach expectations only if taken by an adult male with sound health.
  • Nutrex Nutrition advises that a person under the thumb of a medical condition should rather hold his horses rather than using it. Otherwise, some unfavorable developments can take place. However, a doctor can allow its use.
  • If the usage of Activatrol causes some trouble, Nutrex Nutrition advises that user to stop taking it and see a GP or physician.
  • The stability of Activatrol liquid capsules can sustain if the bottle is capped after every use. Besides, it is to be stored in a place out of reach of humidity, heat and direct sunlight.


Activatrol Male Testosterone is an efficient food supplement for men. Its revealing all details supports varsity of its claims.

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